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Posted : Tuesday, 08 October 2019, 10:04

Amiga Remix

I have been using my android phone to remix various old amiga songs. I have not been doing anything else really the last weeks than that. I am using flstudio mobile which is kind of easy to use for me really. The ipad just seems to drain so fast and charge so slowly that I keep going back to the phone.

Here the last weeks remixes I did. They are short in length.

The chaos engine remix short:

6beat remix short :

Shadow of the beast 2 remix short :

Impossamole monty on the run remix short :

Also ever since the new Roland Fantom came out a month ago I have been looking at shops for various music workstations. I have been saving money all year and think I might use this money for a new instrument. The new fantom costs 3500 euro's though. A older one by roland which has rather easy to use sequencer(the roland fa) is a lot cheaper but has been out of stock the last few weeks. I have been looking at other models and just can not seem to make a choice.


Northstar and fairlight megademo 3 tune remix short :

Lost patrol remix short :

Zool Sunshine remix short :

Echoing by Banana remix short :
Posted : Wednesday, 09 October 2019, 17:55
Sounding great.
Have you considered submitting these to AmigaRemix.com?
The downside, there, is that they only do an admin-update once every other month or so, maybe, and you need to wait for them to approve your tracks before they show up... But annoying, IMO, and would be better with a few more staffers to click things a bit more regularly.
But, hey ho..
At least you get a new audience for your tracks.

AL's choons there got nice middling averages \o/

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Wednesday, 09 October 2019, 21:39
I have made the songs rather short in length(soundcloud 3 hour limit reason) I had the idea that I would want to make them at least a couple of minutes long if I would submit them on amigaremix. (And try to get better first at mastering also. I seem to have trouble getting a good sound with headphones/speakers/devices)

So far I put what I got on soundcloud and youtube.

I had one song on amigaremix and it did not do that well. It was posted somewhere 15+ years ago(nebula). I have not gotten that much better at it.

btw. I noticed a while ago that Daxx pulled his tracks from amigaremix. Seems he got tired of people making money from his cover music. And yes they are pretty slow with updating. I think last update took 3 months or so and the forum looks rather dead.