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Posted : Saturday, 26 October 2019, 08:11

LumaFusion - iPad Video Editor

*tsk* Spending again..

Scrolling through the tweets, last night, I stumbled upon mention of the app LumaFusion on iOS, which promised "Pro Level Video Editing"
Yeah, right..!!

Having thought about it, though, I'm already doing Music, Sprite, Pixelart, Newsletter creation on the thing, so why would I NOT want to try Video editing on it, too?

I've previously tried iMovie on the thing, but that's a bag of shit, limited in alarming ways, and really not worth the effort.

But looking into Luma, it promised a lot of useful features, quick and easy timeline editing, and even access to Network drives for moving files around.


I jumped in, head first.

The timeline is piss easy. Move clips around, scissors to slice the clips, easy enough.
Layers work as you'd expect. Higher up = on top, lower down = below, and audio mixing all works great, too.
I can't quite believe how silky smooth it all flows, dealing with 30fps 1080p footage! (I'd up it to 60fps, but Windows Screen Capture seems to be stuck at 30.. Grr)

The "Power" features aren't quite there, so you won't be doing amazeballs effect.. No Particles, 3D swooshy things, or that sort of dealy.
But there's a whole host of transition effects, along with recolouring/emboss/invert and the like.
Pixelation, zooms, kaleidoscope, motion blur, that kind of thing, are all easily doable, and you can set Keyframes for all the effects/colours/transitions individually.

Default Transitions are kinda basic, (slide, swipe, tile, crossfade, that kind of stuff) but if you add in the effects (Like a motion blurred zoom-in of one, mixed with a motion blurred zoom-out of the other, and a crossfade inbetween) you can build up some nice transitions of your own.
ChromaKey effects are a doddle, too, if you need that kind of thing, as is picture-in-picture stuff.. (eg, you can scale/zoom elements into position very easily, unlike in iMovie on Mac, which I've always really bloody well hated!!)

Text Titles work well, and there's lots of variety by default.
Scrollable text is a bit tougher. You need to tweak a little, to get the right sort of scrolling effect, but .. It works, if you give it time.
If anything, "Scrolling End Credits" really needs to be an option, somewhere.

So, yeah, it's decent.
If you've used iMovie on MacOS, it's roughly that amount of capability, but is surprisingly easier to work with than that.
.. It's a heck of a lot better than what I've managed to achieve in the iOS version of iMovie, anyway!

Recommended, if you're the type of person who finds themselves having to make an alarming number of game trailers every bloody week.

£25.99 (ugh..) in the AppStore.

View on YouTube
Made within the first half an hour, or so. Would've been quicker, but I was playing with all the features, as I went!

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Sunday, 27 October 2019, 02:27
I had heared of this one a while ago. Not checked the price yet. Seems quite high.

I was looking at the android store a while ago For a video editor and found they really have lots of useless cr*p there. This is really telling me to not invest in a good android phone and look at ios.

The ipad shpuld now record stereo video with the last update. Not tested this yet.

For the time I am still using a video editor on steam which is pretty descent and was cheap. If I start to make lots of video’s on the ipad then lumafusion is on my list.
Posted : Sunday, 27 October 2019, 08:49
Reminds me I need to get to grips with kdenlive sometime.

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