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Posted : Thursday, 23 January 2020, 02:58

So im back in the game dev mood

Morning folks,

I've decided to keep my brain working and get back in to something I love, game dev!

Although im abandoning my RPG I started 31st December 2001 and going for something different, a tycoon style game.

Only problem is I have no idea about some of the aspects of that kind of game, does anyone know of some good resources to get me started? Things im not sure about

1) the level design aspects like being able to dynamically place new buildings or what ever
2) AI and other controls

Game design patterns in general i guess
Posted : Thursday, 23 January 2020, 03:29
The one thing that always puts me off when attempting these, is the fact that (in the majority of cases) they need Menus.. Menus and GUIs Everywhere! Aaargh!!

I often thought that "Rockstar Ate My Hamster, but Gamedev" would be fun, but 100,000 others have already beat me to it.

If you can come up with something that can be generated more or less randomly, and build/create things for itself, and then give the player something to do on top of that, I think that could be interesting. Less of a battle against an AI opponent (Settlers?) and more a joint effort to create something magical.

Oh, and Hello!!

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Posted : Thursday, 23 January 2020, 03:40
I have started to work things out, I want to do a "campsite tycoon" game, this is a working title.

Here is a playlist i created to show the wife my progress https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL09JMeAbNaG3a-2PgAA3qWnToQVZQStjB
Posted : Thursday, 23 January 2020, 03:44
My idea for the game started when I was travelling northern europe in my camper van, we had mostly stayed in laybys or similar motorhome stop overs, so great in europe for that, they are everywhere and mostly free. For the peak of our trip we were to meet a couple of my friends from Sydney at a campsite near copenhagen, i say near, about an hour out of the city. We turn up at the site and it has everything you could ever need from a campsite. They had a couple kitchen blocks dotted around that had 6-8 ovens, lots of induction and ceramic hobs, all very posh. Other stuff like a dog bath/shower area with their own seating and treats. the usual pool, tenis courts crazy golf etc but best of all a Dark Sky section where the lights were out at night. was awesome.

I said to the wife, "ha, it looks like they bought all the addons like in theme park" and the idea was sparked from there
Posted : Thursday, 23 January 2020, 03:48
Sounds like a plan!
Expandability, easy enough "visitors" concept, seasonal changes, big events....

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