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Socoder -> Concept/Design -> Proudest Achievement

Posted : Sunday, 17 January 2021, 05:04

Proudest Achievement

What's your proudest achievement? (Needn't be coding related, I just have a very boring life, is all!!)

Mine's probably still SpikeDislike's unexpected popularity, (and resulting income!!) though if I'm honest.. .. It's a very simple game, and I've made MANY better games!!

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Posted : Sunday, 17 January 2021, 10:10
It's tough to nail down a produest achievement when it comes to coding. I've had a few lil things happen which have been good fun though and ended up with something from the other side.

My main coding highlights would be....

Back in 2005 earning an award for my Uni game WINGMEN which was a little LAN multiplayer asteroids type game made in VB6 with DX7 / 8 with a couple others who handled the graphics and sound side of things, won me a little bronze monkey status with a fez hat after showing the game off to people during a 2 day event in Bristol. That was great fun!

2013 Launching Super Grid Run to some decent reviews on the Android marketplace was really a fantastic moment, and led to me making a few more games for other Android systems, including OUYA and the folks from the ill fated Gamestick reaching out to me to port it to their system as a featured release title.

2019 and having Infinitron finally released on Cartrdige for the Gameboy was kinda a big thing, even though I'd finished writing the game in 2017...ha!

Here's hoping 2021 will bring more for us all!

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!

Refresh Games - Game Dev Blog
Posted : Monday, 18 January 2021, 02:08
When I was young I coded a disk menu and disk magazine which I thought was pretty neat. I did this in Amos. I remember the String functions being so difficult to understand.

Figuring out how to do floodfill pathfinding while lying in bed and later coding it was a high point. Also a couple of years later learning from a book how a* pathfinding works and being able to code it myself. I coded it a dozen times in a short time like I was assembling a gun
I started buying books more often after that.

Figuring out how to program voxel worlds was also a high point.

I have no real great tools or games that make me money. I have a donate link in my github repos but they remain mostly untouched. Not enough interesting code I guess
Posted : Monday, 18 January 2021, 04:30
I bet if you took the time to write down lengthy tutorials for some of these, or even dare to make it a YouTube channel, folk would pay attention.

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Posted : Monday, 18 January 2021, 06:03
I have one video where I draw a tileset in basic8 and add some code to display it. This video has been on top of my yt charts for months now. I have been thinkin of creating more. But I would have to learn how to use this fantasy console which would take some time. It does give me some ideas on what could work.

For the time I think I wil just try to improve overal.
Posted : Monday, 18 January 2021, 09:46
I've got so many little achievements that I'm proud of, including winning lots of coding comps for handheld deveices and porting games to other systems, and getting a Shadow Of The Beast remake running faster and smoother on a handheld machine than the original machine, with added features.

But I'm probably produdest of my original games that just had me really enjoy playing them, while coding and wanting to keep playing them. DinoDefense was one such game. Which also did something I hadn't coded it to do (as a by-product of coding something else). When the cavement started chucking spears at the flying dinos I was totally shocked. The code had been included to attack other dinos, but wasn't designed to do what it did, but it did such a good job I left well alone. That really wasn't a bug, it was totally a feature!