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Tue, 13 Sep 2022, 07:17
Yeah, I'm not really sure if I'm going to keep it. I've not watched anything else, or at least not all the way through.
For Trek it's great, but if you can get new Trek elsewhere, I'd probably opt for that.. There's GOT to be better content out there than the other stuff Paramount+ has to offer!

If, next week, Quantum Leap does indeed appear on Peacock via NowTV/Sky (nnngh) in the UK, then I'll probably cancel the Paramount, subscript to Peacock, watch QL, then swap back afterwards for the next set of new Trek.

It's the only real way to do this, I reckon. Thank god it's easier to cancel things, nowadays!!

In an ideal world, it'd be great to be able to subscribe to specific shows. I've actually done that a few times via iTunes Season Purchases.. Dark Matter and Orville Season 1&2 were watched in that way. Pay up front for the season, get it as it appears.
That way I'm paying, what, £12.99 for a single season of a show that I DO watch, as opposed to £9.99 over a few months, for a bunch of shows I'd never bother with.

.. And don't get me started on the fact that I can't buy Orville S3 on iTunes...

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Tue, 13 Sep 2022, 07:25
Yeah I buy Doctor Who season by season because it's not on any of the streaming channels here.. well, actually it's on an overly expensive channel owned by one of the biggest cable and telecoms company who are super super evil so I refuse to give them any money unless I really have to! I like buying seasons of Doctor Who, though, because then I can watch them whenever... but Star Trek series aren't available to buy digitally here as far as I know. Maybe could get them on DVD or sommat I'm not sure. Paramount + just doesn't work out to be worth it for us. Gonna come back to it in 6 months and try it again to see if it's got any better I think.
Tue, 13 Sep 2022, 07:29
I recently discovered JustWatch.com, which is a wonderful site for finding where/how you can watch different shows. Has a huge list of countries (scroll to the bottom), and lists upcoming shows and more. Kinda handy to have for finding shows.

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Thu, 22 Sep 2022, 06:15
Finished Halo. I quite enjoyed that.

Just ST Prodigy to finish. Nice theme tune on that one.

After that I've got nothing keeping me subscribed for a second month. Would come back if there is a second series of Halo and/or future Star Treks. Shame all these services aren't at a lower price point where I could justify 'collecting the set' and be subscribed to them all, EG: £3 per service would sit well with me.

Guess will have to wait for Disney to buy up Paramount and Netflix :-p

Andy H
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