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Posted : Sunday, 08 April 2018, 15:38

The Orville

The Seth McFarlane show set upon a starship.
The Orville sees Seth (Family Guy creator) as the captain of a Starship, and the "hilarious misadventures" that he and the crew get into.

But it isn’t.
It has its funny parts, and a couple of real LOL moments, but for the most part, it's Star Trek.
If anything, I’d say it feels very Voyager, which isn’t surprising since Brennon Braga is one of the main developers of the show.

And, I mean that in the best way possible. This show IS, for all intents and purposes, a new Trek series. But one with a sense of humour.
There are massive "reality" issues with things like "why do the crew not already understand the rituals of their fellow alien crewmates", but given the comedy aspect that those instances bring, that's more or less forgivable.

The first series contains 12 episodes, and although the first few aren’t very "plot"y, they do get much more story based as the season continues. By the end episode, it pretty much felt like I was watching a proper Trek show. And not a "new Discovery" Trek.. a "proper" Trek!!!

If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend doing so.
I bought the series on iTunes a few weeks ago, and have certainly felt it was worth it, but as always, other methods are available.

Oh, and watch out for the blatant Red Dwarf gag in episode 10!

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Posted : Sunday, 08 April 2018, 15:52
I downloaded the whole series ages ago, but only ever watched the first episode; I enjoyed it though. I will definitely watch the rest soon-ish. BTW I've got the ST: Discovery series too, but not watched that either. :/
Posted : Sunday, 08 April 2018, 15:59
Yeah, it's taken me a while to sit and watch the 12 episodes. Finding time for 45 minute episodes seems oddly difficult nowadays. I blame YouTube. Any spare time I’d normally watch things during (eg, snack time!!) ends up being whittled away by YouTube, then back to coding again.

I imagine with a proper (not just sat on your arse like me) busy life, you’ll have even less time.

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Posted : Sunday, 08 April 2018, 16:35
I blame the Switch. I only play it for a short time each session, but I pick it up and put it down VERY often!
Posted : Sunday, 08 April 2018, 16:49
Alarmingly easy, with the portable aspect..