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Fri, 29 Jul 2022, 22:53

Just ordered this...

Inspired by Rockford, I just ordered this...

Sat, 30 Jul 2022, 00:25

If the software I used regularly was available on Lunux I think I would have made the swap.
Sat, 30 Jul 2022, 04:11
It takes guts to make a jump from Windows.
I learned that the hard way when I switched to Mac.
I'm nearly 2 years in, but still need my Windows-MacMini at the ready for the odd bit of coding/spriting/etc.

Also "designed with powerful features and tools to help you code your way."
Doesn't have a numpad. (Hate this on my MacBook)
Doesn't have full sized arrow keys. (Hate this on my MacBook)
Has that stupid "one-row" sized Return key. (Hated this on my HP laptop)
And the two "mouse buttons" are at the top of the trackpad, so that you don't even have that small area to rest your wrists on at the bottom.

Other than that.. I'm sure it's a decent set of specs. I kinda left behind System Specs a long time ago, though, so I've honestly no idea.
"It runs X-Recent-Game" is generally all I pay attention to.

"A tuned Linux keyboard with a Super key"
... No, it's the Windows key with a different sticker on it.

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Sat, 30 Jul 2022, 08:05
I have/ had parallels on my old mac book. It was a good combination.

I've always fancied using Linux but never got on with it unfortunately.

That looks a nice laptop though.

Andy H
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Sat, 30 Jul 2022, 08:11

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On the subject of Linux, if you're wanting to give it a whirl, you can use the Linux-In-Windows stuff.
Dave's Garage has a nice video about how easy it is to get it running. ... .. apparently!

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Sat, 30 Jul 2022, 09:01
Linux pretty much is Windows in functionality, based on my experience with the Pandora. It very much resembled Windows 98 to me. It was pretty good. I'm sure recent Linux builds (and there are a fair few!) are even better.

I had Parallels on my MacMini too (running Windows XP nicely) - but Apple deliberately broke it in an OS update.
Thu, 04 Aug 2022, 17:00
Dave's Garage is a great channel!

I'm happy with Windows for what I use it for, but Linux can be okay depending on what I'm doing with it. (Essentially, if I don't need To use My Aadobe CS3 Suite then I could get by with it) I've never gelled with Mac OS whenever I've used it though.

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!

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Thu, 04 Aug 2022, 17:36
I've never gelled with Mac OS whenever I've used it though.

Nope. me neither. Never liked it. Or Apple, or their toolchains. Or their licensing. I just dislike Apple. But for reasons, rather than just hating on them.