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Posted : Tuesday, 16 August 2022, 16:17

Got Political

I've locked and hidden the Energy Bills thread.
I let it get too political, and things spiralled into flame war territory.
I apologise for that.

It's getting harder and harder to "not" get political, these days, but I should be more wary of these kinds of things, and put a stop to them asap.
Again, that was mostly my fault.

I let the site down.
*slaps wrist*

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Posted : Wednesday, 17 August 2022, 02:33
Well I don't know what was said or what went on, but yea politics is best avoided. I'm afraid we're stuck in a country where the turkeys are brainwashed to vote for Christmas. This is 'the new norm'.

As for energy, my last comments on that is my dad's fixed rate deal is coming to an end and I've got to help him decide between the new fixed deal at an estimated £380 pm, up from £108 or to take a chance on the variable rate.

Andy H
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Posted : Monday, 05 September 2022, 03:28
Reminder for the day, especially today, no fucking politics.

The previous Energy topic exploded, there's another bloody energy topic. Do NOT let it go down that route.
It should be about paying bills, not about which twat is currently leading the country into hell.
Today, especially, is going to be a VERY political day, and I'm not having any of it spewing all over the forum.
Take it over to Facebook or Twitter.

This is a coding/creativity forum.
If you find yourself getting wound up by politics, today, get out a sheet of paper and a pen, and draw a doodle.
Then take a picture of that doodle, and post it here, somewhere.

Or make a game.
Or write a poem.
Or create some music.

Don't delve deep into the well of despair.
Be creative, today.

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Posted : Monday, 05 September 2022, 03:38
Good advice, glad I chose to delete my post as I was having a moment of frustration earlier.

Will see what ends up being made today, hopefully more of that skirt I've been hand sewing every now and then for Layla, she chose some buttons for it yesterday.

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