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Socoder -> Health Matters -> My mums surgery.

Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 05:23

My mums surgery.

She is in the operating room right now.

I wil get a phone call how everything went. She wil remain in the ic for a night. And I should be able to visit her tomorrow.

She was diagnosed with cancer a while ago during a routine checkup. She decided to have a small part of her lung removed. They wil do a biopsy during the operation to see if more of the lung needs to be removed.

I mentioned it in the rip thread initially after reading Andy's dad past away.
Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 05:37

Lots of thoughts you + Mum's way.
Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 06:57
I hope she makes a swift recovery dude.
Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 07:46
Sending Best Wishes to your Mum and hoping for a swift recovery.
Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 08:26
Wishing your mum the best. My dad had had most nodes of his lung on one side removed and went on strong for another 15 years.

Andy H
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Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 08:36
The operation was successful. She wil recover in ic. There was no spread. They wil study the tissue for further info.

Good to know Andy! A nurse only talked about a couple of years! But she was talking casually I think.
Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 08:47
That's awesome news.
Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 08:52
Such wonderful news to wake up to!!! Continuing to keep you both in our prayers and sending love and light.

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Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 09:10
The operation was close to being called off. Me and my mother caught a cold this weekend. They had to check if it was Corona.

They checked if I would visit this evening. But I think with my cold. I better not go visit a ic floor. I wil be peddling between the hospital and my mums place the entire week.
Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 09:25
Yeah, IC's not the best place for germs, whether they're COVID or not.
Hopefully they'll transfer her to a regular ward shortly, and you'll be visiting in no time.
*hugs all round*

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Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 12:39
My mum insisted I came. I had a mask on. She has a lot of pain, but has a painkiller button.

I felt a bit dizzy when I got back. It is 15 minutes to and 15 minutes back. An hour on the bicycle today. I was doing a lot of cycling the last months, but had knee troubles.
Mon, 30 Jan 2023, 14:02
Hugs, Pakz.
Tue, 31 Jan 2023, 06:36
She may be home tomorrow if she recovered enough. The analysis of the glands was ok I guess. There was no threat she should be aware of right now.

It is all less extreme than I thought it would be.
Tue, 31 Jan 2023, 06:53
That sounds great.
*fingers crossed*
Tue, 31 Jan 2023, 14:42
Glad the op went well Pakz, wishing you all the best.
Wed, 01 Feb 2023, 14:20
How's Mum doing?
Wed, 01 Feb 2023, 17:41
Is she home yet? Is everything OK?
Wed, 01 Feb 2023, 22:30
She came home on her own accord yesterday evening. A nurse called me twice warning me hoping I could do anything. She does rarely take me seriously. She had to sign a paper stating she was aware that she was not fully set to go.
My mum has her own way of thinking. Stubborn and believes her own judgements more than she should sometimes.

She slept wel. The last time she fled the hospital after a surgery she was working in the garden too soon and was in hellisch pain for a night.

I think she wil be fine though.
Thu, 02 Feb 2023, 01:12
LOL, that's Mum's for you. Mine would definitely have done the same.
Keep a close eye on her. She'll probably be hiding things so you don't drag her back into hospital..

Really happy to hear she's ok, though.

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Wed, 08 Feb 2023, 11:34
Today we officially heard that she is free of cancer. I was with her at the hospital.

She does need to continue with other appointments for her other health problems.
Wed, 08 Feb 2023, 12:02
Wed, 08 Feb 2023, 12:31
Excellent news.

Wed, 08 Feb 2023, 14:03
Great news! Wishing your mum a speedy recovery.