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Wed, 16 Aug 2023, 16:48

Installed Tool Lists

Me and Kuron have recently been discussing the tools that I have installed on my system, so I figured I'd make it a thread.
Why not add your own list, below!!?

Apps I have installed as of August 2023 (MacOS)

Ableton Live : Standard - Website : I don’t want to say how much I paid.
For all the ALChoons.
Probably the most expensive piece of software I think I’ve ever paid for.. Unless you count the cost of what KORG Gadget adds up to once you include the million-or-so extras I bought for that.

Amadeus Pro - AppStore : £59.99
Audio editor. Whilst I used to be quite happy with Audacity, there was a big uproar about security and such at the time I was switching to MacOS, so I opted to go for this instead, and haven’t looked back.
It’s still no Cool Edit Pro, but it’s plenty for my needs.

Pixelmator Pro - App Store : £50
Photo editing, logo tweaking, that kind of thing.
This is like Photoshop-budget!
I tend to use this for “Arty” things.

Aseprite -  Website : $19.99
For pixel editing. Though Pixelmator Pro “can” handle things, it tend to do a lot of aliasing, for most of the main functions.
For this reason Aseprite is kept on standby for the nitty gritty stuff.

UTM - Website : Free (You can buy a version on the AppStore to support the devs)
Everything you need to easily do VM machines. I run Win11Arm with it, and it seems capable of a fair amount.
It can’t do accelerated gfx, though, so be aware of that.
There’s Parallels or CrossOver if you want to game. I haven’t installed either of those, though.

Purple Tree - AppStore : £2.99
Scans the drive and organises things into colour co-ordinated boxes, showing which files/folders are taking up the most space at a glance. There’s plenty of other apps that do this, but this is the one I opted to stick with.

FreeFileSync - Website - Free (or donate for the sake of donating)
Syncs two folders, either full sync or mirror sync, with options to disable deleting, etc.
I use this for backup folders.

TextMate - Website : Free
Damn fine text editor. Can’t fault it.

Hot - github : Free
Tells you the temperature of your system, in the menu bar.

DiffusionBee - Website : Free
DrawThings - AppStore : Also Free
Stable Diffusion inside your Mac. You can also use LoRA add-ons to draw different styles/characters
Each app works in a slightly different way, so your preference may vary.
Typically Diffusion Bee tends to work quicker, but DrawThings has powerful upscaling options that, whilst it can slow down generation, means you can easily generate much larger, more detailed images.
I’ve kept them both.. They each seem to have their uses.

FWIW : Though I've had Xcode installed this whole time, I've barely actually used it since switching a Macbook*, except for a couple of quick tests along the way. I'm far too comfortable making webby things, nowadays, that I haven't needed to compile anything.
Being able to have an iPhone-compile-station on my lap was actually one of the main reasons for switching to MacOS in the first place.
How strange that that's the one thing I haven't really done with it.

*XCode used to live on a MacMini back in my Obj-C/Cocos/Monkey-X days. That's how a ton of my iOS games were made. But.. Man, that's SO long ago, now!!

Anyhoo, feel free to post your own lists.
What tools make up your workflow?

''Load, Next List!''
Thu, 17 Aug 2023, 12:24
One of the few paid tools I use is a JetBrains IDE for whatever language I'm using at the time.

For C that was CLion, for Go that's GoLand.

They have loyalty discounts so the price drops to only £4.74/month after a few years.

I *wish* I had an Adobe license, but only for like one hour a month... I'm not paying £20/month/tool for a single hour!!!

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Thu, 17 Aug 2023, 13:53
I kinda started a thread about this, only more obscure things I am still using. I will come back and post in this, just been swamped lately researching Mac stuff. Also all of the stuff to post is on my Windows system, so need to fire it up.