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Sun, 08 Oct 2023, 12:49

JSE Syntax Tweaks

The following things may or may not be incredibly important if you're a JSE user, so please take note.

1. RGB(r,g,b) is now a function, and returns a 24-bit integer, r<16+g<8+b
2. The RGB integers may now be used with "most" of the colour commands, for example, you can..

You do NOT have to do this.. You can still use SetCol R,G,B like you used to. But this seems to be the way that the Chatbots like to do things, occasionally, so I figured I'd better add it in.
Essentially, if you "SetCol r,g,b", it'll r,g,b, but if you "SetCol single value", it'll assume you're using a 24bit value.
Alphas don't work with this.. You'll have to SetAlpha separately.

3. Hexadecimal integers now work, be they #abcdef or 0xabcdef
&habcdef doesn't work, because the code got WAY too confusing, as the & was being stripped out as an ampersand long before the number was scanned!! But you can now do Print #FF, or SetCol #FF8800, or what have you..

4. Min and Max are now commands. They accept up to 8 values and return the lowest/highest value. If anything you've coded has tried to use the variables min/max (I've done this a fair amount!) these programs will now be broken, and you'll have to fix them

5. Quote fixes, Any incomplete quote marks will be fixed at the end of a line. This shouldn't be an issue, but you might need to test things for me, and see if I've knackered anything along the way.

6. Anything after // until the end of a line is now completely removed.. This may cause weird issues if you've put // inside any strings. It shouldn't, but .. again, let me know if it does!

I think that's everything.
The latest version should be at least v.3gho.
If you find any glaring issues, please please do let me know.

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