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Sat, 30 Dec 2023, 03:42

New Years Resolutions 2024

Time to jot down the things we're abandoning by mid-January!


AGameAWeek : For obvious reasons, this got abandoned mid-2023. I definitely need to get back into doing that. That's kinda "What I Do"
I need to get back to it. And I've got tons of little broken bits that need fixed, too. Lots and lots to do.

ALChoons : I think it'd make a LOT of sense if each ALChoon was in some way connected to the week's AGameAWeek. If nothing else, it means that I can reuse art assets when making the ALChoon video, and doing that would save a TON of effort. Not that I'm lazy but... Gawd, doing those is a right pain in arse, each week!


Tutorials : JSE definitely needs some tutorials. I really do need to grab the mic and stop being such a fucking wimp when it comes to putting my voice onto that there inter webs.

Error Messages : JSE is very lacking in this particular feature. I'm going to be rewriting a few chunks of the engine to allow for more error messages, though god only knows how well that'll work out.
The one singular half-decent error message that it did have got cut out during optimisation!!! Oops!

That Thing I Started in June : I really need to finish that off, because I can't really upload any more fixes to JSE until I've finished the half-unfinished mess that I left..


Question of the Day : These are about to disappear. It's WAY too bloody repetitive, and no matter how much I try to get the various chatbots to come up with more questions, they're all stuck in the exact same LLM loop, and coming up with the same sets of questions. I think it's time to retire that particular feature.
Unless anyone wants to write 30-odd questions every month!?!
No takers!?!

Newsletter/Patreon Roundup : Both/either of these are in exactly the same "There's bog all going on right now" situation. Once I kick off AGameAWeek again, the Patreon should at least start getting padded out again.
Is the Newsletter coming back? I'm totally out of practice with that. I didn't even do the Xmas Poetry bollocksy one that I normally do. *slaps wrist*

I think that's everything?!
... Ugh..

What are your plans for the year ahead?

''Load, Next List!''
Sun, 31 Dec 2023, 15:07
What if, for the QOTD, you put a little Top Hat icon on the main welcome page for anyone to submit questions. Then you, or all of us, can help filter them. Then just randomly spread them out over the coming months. Just a thought.

I guess they could also be assigned to a particular period of time, holiday, etc. i.e. Can be ordered specific to an event or occasion at will, time permitting. Breaking with the random ordering.

Sun, 31 Dec 2023, 16:37
Fixing my back this year. Walking has been less painful with the last weeks of physio exercises. Having had this pain since my youth and causing a lot of problems. Recently I have had more movement possibilities with my mid back getting loose.

Reading and listening to lots of books. I have a subscription to a book service now. Unlimited listening and reading. Anything not there I can stil order at amazon.

Watch ai take over...

@jay Just start talking all day into the screen or pretent to be in a role. Get into the flow of talking and commenting.
Mon, 01 Jan 2024, 02:13
Yeah, that might actually help, Pakz.
But there's a fine line between endlessly chatting to a screen, and simply talking to yourself!!!

"Have you seen that crazy man who moved into the street? He talks to himself all day!!"

As for QOTD : It's once again been reprieved, with a little more prodding from Bing/Poe. Though, repetitive is the name of the game.
If you'd like to submit a pile of QOTD's, the PM system is always available, as is the [suggest] tag, though it's been such a long time since I coded it, god only knows where it goes to!


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Mon, 01 Jan 2024, 06:13
"Have you seen that crazy man who moved into the street? He talks to himself all day!!"

Nowadays I see kids and parent walking alone or cycling, while chatting into their device with their friends. Less chance of being locked up

Actual presentation training and learning techniques that I have read about recommend just talking out loud. Either into a recording device or without. Talking out loud also doubles the learning speed according to a how to study book I'm listening to now.
Mon, 01 Jan 2024, 06:58
Not sure I have any space in here to learn any more.. It's all filled with CSF brain goo!!

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Mon, 01 Jan 2024, 10:44
Been tidying up my Browser Bookmarks, today. Deleting the tons I never click on any more, and generally making things less cluttered.
about 50-or-so property searches, a bunch of old news sites that have gradually changed from being decent to being spammy as hell, and a whole lot of AI Art tools that are alarmingly outdated months after I added them.
(That lovely NewRoom thing that was previously completely free, looks like it was grabbed by Amazon, and now has ad-riddled guff all over it!)

Yeah, quite the tidy up, I must admit.

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Tue, 02 Jan 2024, 03:39
My aim is going to be to have another NES game Kickstarter ready this year, probably Bee Happy as part 2 of the happy trilogy.

That and learn more Japanese, invest some more into the stock market, etc.

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!