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TriEd Layered Triangle Map Editor

20th February 2024

Looking at a screenshot of Gauntlet by Atari from 1985. I was thinking if I could recreate that level using triangles. Hours later I got this basic triangle tile map editor to a working state.
I has 2 layers. One big triangle tile map. And*snip*


Narrations for video

8th February 2024

I spent hours this week practicing new voices. Imitations from several top 10 lists of actors.
Today I wil finish with 3 hours of getting more familiar with Morgan Freeman's voice.
Yesterday when trying Marty McFly suddenly it went fluent for a whil*snip*


Video of a old map generator I did.

2nd February 2024

I made a short video of some older map generation code. I took some screenshots of a old game called Castles. And spent some time recreating the graphics in html and javascript.
I made some video's today and added one of my recent songs behind it. iMo*snip*


Re upload of now ai remastered old tunes.

23rd December 2023

I remastered a old collection of music that I wrote between 1992 and 2010. The remastering was done with artificial intelligence.
I was worried about new copyright problems with the new modern filters. But only one old reused melody got flagged causing no*snip*


House cleaning and sorting

3rd July 2023

I am getting the more advanced crosstrainer tomorrow. The delivery guy wil assemble it so I dont injury myself again.
I am looking at some book storage options online. I collected these books from one of my storage rooms.
Most of the book*snip*


Phone apps for health and development.

2nd July 2023

I got this phone app that can be used for tuning/freq finding/analysis/rating. Using it for vocal training since 2 days ago.
Totalenergy Tuner and metronome. (Linkage) (6 bucks)
A while ago apple added things like calorie counting and a whole range of he*snip*

Latest Showcases


Mine, slime and monsters

29th July 2023

Travel down into a mine, collect things, monsters await.


Pico8 inspired sprite/map editor

1st August 2019

pico8 inspired sprite and map editor(web / online)


Blitz Basic Sprite Editor

24th August 2018

Sprite Editor


Fire Power

16th March 2018

Fire Power


Player vs Zombies or Armed Soldiers

14th October 2017

Fight in dungeons against monsters/soldiers


A Civilization Clone v0.75

21st June 2017

Browser based turn based strategy game