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Created : 07 January 2008
Edited : 07 January 2008

Windows XP inside Ubuntu!

I downloaded Virtual Box for my version of Ubuntu, popped in a Windows XP OEM/crapware CD for my old laptop expecting it not to work...

Wow! Half hour later,


Still hardly believing my success, I entered my magic key:

Downloaded the entire Internet, except for Internet Explorer 7 and DRM addons for media players:

Customized it for speed...

O_o and it even ran my game! With a sod-awful frame rate though.

My game ran better using Wine though, which isn't an emulator but a compatibility layer, so it sorta runs 'natively'(ish) but I'm hoping the Cobra IDE will run faster in the Virtual Box.

I just saved £300 on a new laptop!



Monday, 07 January 2008, 02:33
Oh noes! A hybrid!

Monday, 07 January 2008, 05:01

Downloaded the entire Internet, except for Internet Explorer 7

If I were downloading the ENTIRE internet, I would leave out IE also
Monday, 07 January 2008, 05:34
I use FireFox, but I don't agree with all this IE bashing. IE 7 has always been far more stable and reliable for me then FireFox 2. Just an hour ago FF refused to acknowledge mouse clicks on the tabs. Clicking everywhere else was fine, but I had to use ctrl+tab for switching between tabs.

Would it not be better to just do a duel boot between Windows and Linux? Wine and Virtual Box will never be as good as the real thing.
Monday, 07 January 2008, 15:09
Dual booting works well, but Windows has to be installed first unlike Linux which you can just add wherever you want, so I didn't really want to mess up my Ubuntu laptop. I have Ubuntu and XP dual booting on an older machine though, works well.

The performance with Virtual Box is pretty good; apart from 3D graphics, because video stuff is supposed to be as fast as possible and hardware virtualisation really has a noticeable negative effect in that area. When it comes to the standard GUI elements though (i.e. the Cobra IDE), it's not any slower at all.

Wine really sucks for the GUI stuff, although running the compiled Cobra programs with it works faster than the "real thing", actually! I think the libraries that they reverse engineered were coded better

|edit| Oh and to get windows xp running properly dual booting I'd need to spend £100 on a new copy; the one that came with my old laptop only has drivers for that, and only works in VirtualBox because the hardware calls are virtualised. |edit|
Wednesday, 09 January 2008, 01:50
Hmm... this looks cool!
Don't you dare go spending 300 quid on a new PC when you're supposed to give 2500 (5000 USD) to Jay! :o