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Created : 07 December 2011

Softpedia found .due. ...

Good or bad thing?

I'm pretty sure I've seen others on here encounter a similar situation, but I just received the following email from good ol' Softpedia:


.due., one of your products, has been added to Softpedia's database of
games and gaming tools. It is featured with a description text,
screenshots, download links and technical details on this page:

The description text was created by our editors, using sources such as text
from your product's homepage, the PAD file (if available) and the editor's
own opinions.

".due." has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several
industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of
adware/spyware components. We are impressed with the quality of your
product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future.

To assure our visitors that .due. is clean, we have granted it with the
"100% CLEAN" Softpedia award. To let your users know about this
certification, you may display this award on your website, on boxes or
inside your product.

More information about your product's certification and the award is
available on this page:

Feel free to link to us using the URLs above. If you choose to link to the
clean award page for your product, you may use the award graphic or a text
link: "100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia".

We're also providing download mirrors for your product on our dedicated
servers. If you want to link to our download page please do so by using the
URL below:

We have some buttons (GIF format) if you want to provide an image-based
link to that page instead of a text-based one. You can download a small ZIP
archive (16KB) that contains various size formats of these buttons at the
address below:

If you feel that having your product listed on Softpedia is not a benefit
for you or simply need something changed or updated, please contact us via
email at webmaster@softpedia.com and we will work with you to fix any
problem you may have found with the product's listing.

The Softpedia Team

Softpedia is a library of over 400,000 free and free-to-try software
programs for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, games and gaming tools, Windows
device drivers, mobile devices and IT-related articles.
Softpedia - the encyclopedia of free software downloads

Now, I'm obviously not losing any money off this or anything like that, but from other people's experience, is this a good thing, a bad thing, or neither?



Wednesday, 07 December 2011, 10:51
Softpedia have a habit of uploading apps without asking, and then refusing to take them down, or even update them.

This includes uploading demo's by indie gamers and stating they are the final, free, version.

If you never plan to update or sell it, then I'd see it as a good thing.

|edit| The 'go to developers site' link, here, seems to be broken. It just goes back to Softpedia, so I'd ask them to change this. |edit|
Wednesday, 07 December 2011, 11:02
Since it was a 2-week job done for an school competition, which I have no plan to sell (it's not really worth anything ), nor to update, I guess I'll just leave it. And since I don't actually have a website at the moment, I don't see what I'd ask them to change there.
Wednesday, 07 December 2011, 12:16
Doesn't appear to do any harm, and every little bit of publicity counts, right?
I've a bucketload on there, and I guess the guy who seems to be plucking my archive has got sick of waiting for me to restart AGameAWeek!!  He's now raiding Socoder!   Good for him!

Note to he : not everyone will be happy, ask!!

I don't mind it, and to their credit they always link back, which is nice.

As to whether this is automated?   I'd like to assume not, since not all the required info has been laid out.   I like to imagine there's someone at the other side doing a proper job.
....    If not, boo!!!!
Wednesday, 07 December 2011, 12:27
Since it has a description on the site which has not appeared in any of my descriptions, it does appear to have been written anew, so it's probably not automated.