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Created : 04 November 2014
Edited : 04 November 2014

Powerball Hack

I mentioned on this forum a short while ago that I had got my hands on a Powerball from an ebay auction, I also mentioned that I was going to make it into an electric generator.

I've been doing the hack over the past couple of days and have so far managed to get about 125 volts from it although I don't think it's pumping many Amps, I will try powering something once it's done. If the Amperage is feeble then I will try replacing the coil that I salvaged with one that I will wind myself.

In the meantime here's a few shots of what it looks like, and yes, I know that it looks a bit like a bong when assembled.



Tuesday, 04 November 2014, 17:22
Next mission: I need to build a full wave bridge rectifier, to turn AC into DC, and also need to build a regulator circuit.
Tuesday, 04 November 2014, 18:09
Here's a closeup of the rotor. I used an old soldering iron to make the holes then used some strong glue to mount the 3x6mm neodymium magnets.

Those extra holes originally made the ball scream, I used hot glue to plug them.

Wednesday, 05 November 2014, 05:39
That is crazy awesome! Keep us updated.
Wednesday, 05 November 2014, 05:44
rychan That is crazy awesome! Keep us updated.

Will do!
Wednesday, 05 November 2014, 06:32
I'm basing it on what the geezer in this video has done, except for I used bigger magnets. The coil will have to be changed, the one I'm using has a resistance of more than 3 k-ohms, there's no way that could pump any useful current.

Friday, 14 November 2014, 09:45
Just finished winding a new coil, about 150 turns on that thing.

Gave it a trial run only to find there was nothing to do backflips over, bloomin' thing only gives 2-Volts AC and that's with a pretty healthy spin.

Going to connect a rectifier and capacitor to it a bit later, probably get a better result by converting it to DC. Any peak voltages will get buffered in the capacitor so hopefully I will get the 5-Volts that are needed to charge a mobile phone.

Watch this space!

Friday, 14 November 2014, 09:54
If all goes tits up then I will build a longer, fatter coil with a thinner guage wire.
Friday, 14 November 2014, 17:06
Just tried installing a rectifier and capacitor, looks like I will be buildint yet another coil, I can't even light an LED with this one.

I'll keep ya'all posted.
Saturday, 15 November 2014, 05:20
When can we place our orders?!
Saturday, 15 November 2014, 06:23
Jayenkai When can we place our orders?!

Good idea!, I never thought of that.
Saturday, 15 November 2014, 06:25
After I get a decent coil on the go, and when I get this one working properly, I will attempt to construct a tutorial on how to build it. I will try to be a bit more neater when I build the next one.
If I do a tutorial it will probably be in the form of video footage rather than a document.
Saturday, 15 November 2014, 06:50
In the meantime here's a video to show how easy it is to keep on of those gyros spinning. Sorry for the frame-freezes, my phone is proper crap at video.

View on YouTube
Saturday, 15 November 2014, 06:57
Saturday, 15 November 2014, 07:02
Jayenkai FILTHY!!!

Yeah!, keeps the muscles active though. LMAO!

I think I have a long way to go before I can compete with this guy's hack.

View on YouTube
Saturday, 15 November 2014, 07:20
I also have one that lights up, not going to hack this one.
|edit| OOPS!, just had to correct the link |edit|

View on YouTube
Saturday, 15 November 2014, 08:29
Gonzo engineering at its best! Awesome stuff.
Saturday, 15 November 2014, 08:45
Thanks Kuron, I've been having fun playing around with this stuff.
Tuesday, 18 November 2014, 17:48
I obtained another coil that I robbed from an automotive relay.

Got in excess of 15-Volt DC with a comfortable spin, and got 25-Volt DC when I gave it a not so comfortable spin.

If I short the output wires I get a nice healthy spark as the capacitor discharges.

That capacitor is 10,000 microfarad - 40-Volt, that is charged by the coil via a fullwave bridge rectifier.

I will be attempting to power something with it, hopefully sometime tomorrow. I will get my mate Little Steve to get some video footage of me doing the test.

Watch this space!
Tuesday, 18 November 2014, 18:47
Just did a test, it can only generate 3.3-Volt DC while powering a high-power LED. Not enough to charge a mobile phone yet but makes a pretty nifty torch.

The search for a better coil continues...