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Created : 13 October 2006

what the frak?!

why did this happen

i just thought robleong was talking down to us at devcrunch and he did recently to agent smith, he talked to him like he was a little kid.

they didn't give me warning and it was not in the rules to suspect someone was being patronizing. i did not insult him i just thought he was talking down to people recently.

how does that warrant being banned without warning?



Friday, 13 October 2006, 22:01
i have been looking and i cant seem to find the thread that this took place in? sorry to hear about it though, i cant really comment on weather it was stupid or not becasue i havent seen it.... |edit| how much do you think there getting paid to put those advertisments on the top? |edit|
Friday, 13 October 2006, 22:11
more than enough for them to sell out i guess
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 03:19
I would also like to see a record of events, so I've asked Cicero for a copy of the deleted thread/posts.

I don't think I'm going to be a moderator over there for much longer.

For starters, Cicero's incredibly power hungry.
In the good-old CW days, we would never have banned anyone under such circumstances, without at least an hour-long discussion in the Admin area.

And... You know.. They're getting all "BB.com" over there..
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 05:30
Cicero's had his own forums before, and been pretty good, I thought.

Anyway... yeah... sorry, magicman |edit| I mean hyruleknight |edit|
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 07:09
I just thought i should clear up the misunderstandings surrounding this whole "affair" on devcrunch...

We have an add program in place to cover the costs of the server that devcrunch (and socoder) will be moving to soon.
(this is a fully dedicated and reliable server... unlike the current one). We are also going to use that space to offer cheap/free ads for the community to "hawk their wares" and increase the exposure you get... we aren't in it to make money

the topic that this all took place in is here: https://www.devcrunch.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=211

"dude, read the bloody rules. it says all gimmze the codezs threads are not allowed, show some work or have more specific questions"

there is also another topic where hyrule and agent smith were sniping at each other (as far as i recall it was those two)...my apologies if i' wrong

I will admit in my opinion it seems a bit harsh. But there was beginning to be a problem with some people pretending they were/are better then everyone else. Which i think you'll agree there is no palce for that anywhere

something ahd to be done to try and stop it.. and unfortunately that something came in the form of a temporary (ie. two days) ban for hyruleknight.

"And... You know.. They're getting all "BB.com" over there.."

Since the site has been open, there has only been a fair few topics locked.. and if you actually look at those locked topics you'll notice that they were locked for one of two reaons:
1) they were obviously spam
2) they were on the verge of turning into a flame war

that isn't something i'd really like to see running rampant around the place

I just hope that you see that it wasn't a personal attack and just an attempt to send a message to the wider populace (i will point out agent smith is one of the people) that they need to play nice... we will put up with a certain amount of dickery (being an ass is fine)... just know when to stop


I keep forgetting my password for here :'(
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 07:58
hyrule and agent smith were sniping at each other

I think it was agent smith and robleong (or is that another one?)

Still, I'm glad it was only temporary ban for hyruleknight
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 09:07
you could have given me a frakkin email or something instead of jsut banning me and not telling me how long i am banned for

and i do not recall any fighting between me and agent smith

now me and diablosdevil did have a little spat about ST: Voyager but i was only jooking about him getting a very lazy enemy. i am too lazy to hate him for something as simple as not liking Voyager
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 09:23
My apologies hyruleknight. and yeah, It is only a temporary ban, and maybe cicero should've fired off an email to you to at least explain the situation, but what's done is done and all he (and we) can do is learn from what has happened.

For starters, Cicero's incredibly power hungry.

i don't think he is power hungry at all... he just has a low tolerence for stuff sometimes

I spose it can be interpreted as that sometimes, but he himself has said something to the effect of: "there's no power in running a site, you're a member just like everyone else".
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 11:13
OK! how about we stop argueing and get back to what really important, makeing crap! also, i didnt realize it was just for 2 days. and about the advertising, you could at least have used advertising for people on the site or other indie games, not big budget crap that makes us look bad...... and thats all i shall say.
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 14:04
In my opinion gosse was coming off rude (whether or not he was trying to be). This guy is new and to start off by telling this guy that he needs get it in shape is not nice. Remember this guy has no idea how this site is ran and he is trying to communicate in a different language than his own.

I'm certainly not trying to irritate anyone. I am just giving you my opinion.
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 15:25
Post 1.
Me and my mate are artists, who have been working for a month or so on 3D models, for a game, and now we need help getting the engine to run.

Posts 2+
Don't just come over to this site asking for programmers. This is a programming forum.


Gosse would have gotten the "Completely Useless First Reply" badge, which symbolises a completely pointless response to an honest question, especially if the question was asked by a new member.

The first reply to a post should either be "I can help you" or "Sorry, nobody seems to be able to help you"
Not "You asked wrong"
Not "See the FAQs"
Not "RTFM"
And most certainly not "Snide Remark #784"

Post #3
1st poster thought Gosse was rude.
Kinda speaks for itself.

And, for reference, yes Hyrule, your comment would've gotten you a Red badge, too.. So no noob nastiness.


Oh, and for the record.. I have no complaints about locked threads, aside from one.
The "Bunny with a Biscuit" thread was locked for being spam, whilst Gosse's "Get Cicero BUID" thread wasn't. I said as much in the Mod-Only area.


I have no issues with the adverts, and have offered, in the past, to add adverts to this site, if it helps Oscar keep things going..

Except I'd much rather have plain text Google ads, than Gif and potentially Flash based ones.. and would probably argue to my own death if asked to put those sorts on here!
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 17:51
fine i will be nicer to noobs/newbs but come on not reading the urles when you come to a site for the first time is very stupid
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 21:16
Agreed it is stupid to not read the rules.. but you also have to take into account english isn't his first language.

I agree that gosse was a bitout of line too... to me the whole situation is an unfortunate event, and it was just unlucky that it was hyrule and not someone else who was made an example of (and there were cerainly a few candidates for that).

People should be more considerate to bth noobs and non-english speaking people is all i'm asking

magicman: That is our eventual plan, as i said... we are offering cheap/free ads to indie devs... we just need something to "pay the bills" so to speak until that actually happens.

and as far as ads go... all i'll ever ask for is at some point a link to my hosting services somewhere (when the new company gets going) https://tirant.com.au
Saturday, 14 October 2006, 22:47
gosse could also shut up about nSprite sometimes. he always talks about it, i made a thread about pure VS BMAX and he talks about nSprite, for the love of god it is not that great and it is not like people don't have enough processing power to run 2D that they must use 3D