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Created : 11 June 2021

I Had McDonalds

About 5 years ago, Uncle Jimmy brought us some McDs for a treat.
Prior to that.. I'd say the last time I ventured into a McDs must've been 2009 or so, maybe??!
It's been a while, that's for sure.

McD added a new drive-thru close to our village, about 6 months ago, and JustEat have finally added it as an option.

OMG, I've missed that..
Gherkins and everything.



Friday, 11 June 2021, 10:48
.. biggest sugar level spike I've had in a while, too!
Friday, 11 June 2021, 11:33
Hope you enjoyed it! Looks pretty great!
Saturday, 12 June 2021, 00:11
Saturday, 12 June 2021, 04:55
I can easily eat them, but would prefer a Wimpy any day. Very nice as a treat though. Now you can get them delivered is this going to be the start of a regular thing?

Since the lockdown I've been making my own. Dead simple. If anyone interested...

Shape a portion of mince in a ball squashing together so it holds together better

Using a plate, flatten with palm of hand on to it as large and flat as you can, use fingers to join edges if they start to split.

Put frying pan on full heat and toast buns.

Lower temp to 50%, add tiny bit of oil and throw in the burgers for about 2 mins per side.

During cooking add a tiny bit of salt and pepper to your liking.

When done, put on a bit of kitchen paper to soak some oil/fat

Put in bun, add cheese. Put in microwave for 30 seconds to get the mcd melted cheese heat lamp effect.

Add all the crap you want to it (I have my Wimpy special sauce) and enjoy.
Saturday, 12 June 2021, 05:18
Since Brain-Crap, can't make my own, myself. Not safe! Stumbling + holding onto objects at the cooker = dangerous as fuck!!!
Also, the smell of cooking beef knocks me sick, so that's out the window, too.

If we want something like Shepherds Pie, which is a particular favourite, it needs to be cooked earlier in the day, then microwaved when I'm ready to eat it. I can cope with the minimal microwave smell..

So.. yeah, burgers haven't really been on the menu for a while.
Precooked, far away, they worked a treat!!!

Will it be regular?
Not sure.
Might have to find something other than fries to go with it though. Modern day "healthy" McFries suck!!!
Saturday, 12 June 2021, 09:08
We had a KFC delivered by Just Eat as a rare treat recently.

Normally I'm not the fast food type (I'll eat pizza but only when it's because I'm too tired to cook anything) but I didn't realise until I looked on the app, KFC do things like wraps and rice boxes and sides of mexican style rice.

Cheaper than the unhealthy stuff too!
Saturday, 12 June 2021, 09:48
Yeah, I'll certainly be experimenting with their offerings. Now that I can.
And without the need to try and decide under the pressure of the moving queue!!!

We've no nearby KFC, though. Boooo..
Saturday, 12 June 2021, 13:05
That sounds rough.
Saturday, 12 June 2021, 18:09
BTW I can confirm that McD in Australia tastes the same as McD in the UK... I would be interested to hear if anyone has had it in the US and can compare
Sunday, 13 June 2021, 14:58
You ought to taste the German Mcdonalds breakfast menu. Their McMuffins are beautiful.
Tuesday, 15 June 2021, 02:06
Made myself a spicy bacon burger last night, delicious!
Monday, 21 June 2021, 09:27
Hasn't shown up again, since..
That's your lot, Jay.

Trying Deliveroo based KFC, tonight.

.. no McDonalds are showing up on any apps or anything.
Monday, 21 June 2021, 09:41
My mum is ordering today. She wanted a Milkshake and some fries. I got a Shoarma menu. Can be here any minute now. In time for the soccer match.
Wednesday, 30 June 2021, 10:19
Tried Burger King today.
Mum didn't want much so we ordered her a kiddy meal!
Unfortunately, even a double cheeseburger meal wouldn't tip the order over the minimal limit.

Had to order myself a second burger, so got a whopper, too.

Note to self : don't do that again.. too much meat....

Tuesday, 13 July 2021, 16:36
Wow. I haven't had McD's for easily 15 years, maybe 20. Haven't had any fast food for years really.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021, 00:41
Haven't had a burger king for about 6 years. Went vegan a couple of days ago so will be trying their vegan whopper at some point soon!
Wednesday, 14 July 2021, 01:58
Have been kinda tempted to try that myself, but given my aversion to certain foods, it's a case of "would it be a waste..?"
Still tempted though!
Thursday, 12 August 2021, 08:52
Doing another BK order...
Should I get the Veggie Whopper??!!


Wimped out again.
Normal Whopper for me, today.
One day...
Thursday, 12 August 2021, 15:23
Probably for the best.
Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 10:31
Burger King again.

Finally dared to try the Plant Whopper

It's noticeably squishier, but otherwise... yeah.. no grumbles. Tasted fine. No apparent aftertaste.

Gud gud!
Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 16:18
Is that sort of like Quorn?
Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 16:39
Yeah, only not crap like Quorn is
In America they use "Impossible Burger". I'm not sure if the uk one is that, too, but it sure was a good representation of a burger.
Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 22:11
I'll have to give one a try then next time I'm near a BK.
Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 22:16
Ignore this comment, I posted in the wrong topic.