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Created : 02 August 2007


I got an e-mail today about me making games in Singapore... I wonder what site i signed up for that would give my e-mail to these people. hmm.

Hi Chris,

Hope all is well with you.

I'm wondering if there's a chance that you're available for contract/consulting work or fulltime/permanent role in game development in Singapore. If not, I'd appreciate it greatly if you can make referrals/recommendations for the roles below. You might have friends who are interested in exploring Asia-based gaming roles presently. A Managing Director is actively looking for best candidates for the positions below. The mother company is the most dynamic and successful Game Publishing and Software company in Germany. The studio here in Singapore is growing fast and making great progress in building the most creative and ambitious Game Development Studio to work on exciting new international titles.

Hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to send your CV/Folio. Let us know of your interests and the sort of roles you'd want to explore at this point.

Kind regards,

Compass Business Consultancy Pte Ltd

German Centre, #04-70,
25 International Business Park
Singapore 609916

44B Club Street, Floor 3
Singapore 069421

Tel: (65) 9679 6307, Fax: (65) 6256 1413


Environment Artist
Character Modeler
Concept Artist
Technical Artist
Lead Game Programmer
Graphics Lead Programmer
Physics Lead Programmer
AI Lead Programmer
Audio Programmer
User Interface Programmer
Game Programmer
Web Programmer
Technical Director - Online
Game Designer
Level Designer

Technical Director – Online

· Develop technology plans for online networking and server support for a large scale MMORPG game.

· Work with other Technical Director's, Producers and Leads to establish programming requirements for online networking and server support.

· Define the server infrastructure for the game.

· Perform research to acquire knowledge of new technology advances in online networking and MMO games.

· Meet with other technical staff, company executives and leads to ensure online technology decisions are represented and understood across the studio.

· Maintain familiarity with game designs and requirements.

· Liaise directly with the Online Lead Programmer to mentor and guide the online networking and server infrastructure development.

· Strong C/C++ skills.

· Experience developing for online MMORPG games.

· Ability to work within existing code framework and/or create new technology from the ground up.

· Excellent written and oral communication skills.

· A proven aptitude for technical design.



Friday, 03 August 2007, 02:48
Urgent Roles Everything!?!
Is this a startup company? If so, I imagine it's being done by some guy who can do Sound and Music... Unless they forgot to add that to the list!

Responsibilities Everything!?!

But.. You know. It'd be a nice day out, and all..
Friday, 03 August 2007, 04:32
magicman I wonder what site i signed up for that would give my e-mail to these people.

Possibly this one???
Friday, 03 August 2007, 06:56
Although I've never seen phishers target coders before, you never know, so keep an eye out. But idk, I've gotten an e-mail or two before, even though most of the game work I've done in the past I wouldn't consider to be of great quality. I think some of those might be people who are trying to start from scratch and so they find others that have started there aswell.

look at the e-mail, and check and see if the www.compass.com.sg points to www.compass.com.sg or if it goes to an IP address, if it does point to an IP then that would be a dead giveaway to a phishing site.
Friday, 03 August 2007, 08:59
I find this very unlikely to be real, or more, unlikely to be from a professional company. The only definitive things he seems to asking for is experience with C\C++ and MMORPGs (and only because he mentions them so many times). Nothing about experience with CVS or other ways of maintaining code within a group and nothing about designing programs such as experience with UML.

A lot of entry level jobs I've seen ask for more stuff then him.
Friday, 03 August 2007, 10:08
power mousey
yeah magicman,

when I first read this alarm bells
went up and rung in my head.
I don't know why...but perhaps I should
of said something. But I could've been wrong and
you know...missed opportunities.
I could've offered some advice and suggestions.
And then you take it with grains or boulders of salt.
And make up your own mind.

Yet, from reading this email and also the responses
reminded a long time ago when on Blitzcoder.
Yes on Blitzcoder!

When Timothy Roberts and staff tried to offer and set
some of us former Blitzcoders into writing games and apps
for his fledging and scammed Infinium Phantom Console.
Eventually he and his staff were banned from the forums.
I remember he and his staff were vague about the details
and specs of this console, the methods,commissions and sale and marketing distribution of his scheme.

Here is a link to the defunt console:


ahhh the Blitzcoder days
power mousey
Friday, 03 August 2007, 10:18
Really? I don't remember that!
Wow.. What a big old pile of garbage that "turned out to be", eh!

(In quote marks because everyone knew what a big old amount of balls it was, right from the start!)

Hmm.. That reminds me.. I haven't visited [H] for a while.
Friday, 03 August 2007, 10:34
power mousey
I like this site Jay.
I think I did visit this site in the past...but a long time ago. Definitely will bookmark this hardocp site.

yeah, the Phantom was just a Phantom.
Nicely and aptly named. True!
And I'm saying it nicely and politely.

I'm surprised they are still in business and under
a different name. But now...we know.

|edit| I like those Penny Arcade strips. |edit|
Friday, 03 August 2007, 19:52
Who knows... but i dont think they got it off my site shroom.(seeing as how noone ever vists my site)
Thursday, 16 August 2007, 03:26
Hey Chris! I dont know if they are for real or not, but i got one of these just an hour ago or so... This post came up while i was trying to track down their phone number in google, to see what else comes up with it.

I didnt get the job requirements list at the bottom of mine, just the jobs avalible... Im a 3d artist by trade, and i sure as hell dont know anyone in Singapore or germany, so ive got no idea in hell how they found me. Are you on Deviantart or the Toribash Forums?

Hmm. Im not fully conviced that they are real, but at this point, what can they steal from me? Im already broke
Thursday, 16 August 2007, 04:20
They might just be trying to get your personal details like your address and date of birth. I've heard that lots of phishing mails now pretend to be from potential employers, so you send them any personal information they want thinking they might give you a job.

As I said the lack of them asking for any real qualifications makes me think this is fake. For example most genuine programming job descriptions will mention a computer sciences degree (either that it's necessary or preferred).
Thursday, 16 August 2007, 08:31
power mousey
yes, I agree with you Diablos.
something we can agree on....

and how true what you wrote.

I think its a phishing scam for personal information
and perhaps for stealing media resources as well.

and by the way...I would be the one to seek
out employment, start the initiating, seek
out prospective employers and companies.
In practically all cases thats how it works.
Thursday, 16 August 2007, 12:59
Alternatively if your interested you could ring them up. If they are genuine and you explained that it looked dodgy then I'm sure they will understand and do everything possible to prove they are genuine. Like forwarding you to established genuine regulators of their industry they might be signed up with.

|edit| Actually, I just went to there site and now I definitely think this is fake. They work with human resources management and don't seem to have any interest with programming, especially not game programming. |edit|