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Created : 13 July 2022

Javascript game programming.

6 years ago I started trying to understand how to program games in javascript using the canvas. I did not get far then.

This time I got books. The internet has been filling up with information too.

My github repo has been growing the last couple of weeks. It seems a lot of people have been cloning the repo. In 3 days of updating there have been close to 200 downloads.

Yesterday I discovered you can stop the webpage from being scrolled. Making it solid when you touch the canvas.

I am about to try and do a scrolling tile map template. Then hopefully create a touch method of moving a character. I'm basing it on the Amiga game 'Addams family' The castle level where you climb around.

I think there are a couple of hundred html files on my repo now. Various small examples. And larger game related examples.


It is mostly touch based now. This since I am using the ipad. I do use a keyboard and have a xbox controller. So that wil eventually get used.



Wednesday, 13 July 2022, 15:28
I think it's wonderful how much of this you're doing directly on the iPad.
Just a couple of years ago, I bought a bunch of different bluetooth keyboards, and a Samsung Tablet with it's own keyboard, and tried all manner of ways to get Javascript Dev going on just the iPad.
It wasn't happening. iPadOS just wasn't mature enough yet, and the whole thing was a terrible experience.

Almost, yet still so far.

To think that in just a short time, the whole setup has become ... useable!! With iPad's File system becoming mature enough to use, and the more "Pro" support for keyboards and mouses.
To see this all being done on-device (assuming it all is) is, to me, outstanding.

Bravo to you for getting it all going!
Maybe a tutorial/blog for what your setup is?
Wednesday, 13 July 2022, 16:10
I just use the 'koder' app now. I copy code from there into and from github. On the ipad I only use a bluetooth keyboard.

Maybe I can list some apps and routines when I get more comfortable with javascript. And have done a bit better stuff.

Ios 16 is set to be released in september? That might improve things even more.

I barely use the regular laptop now. The laptop uses more than a hundred watts too. The ipad not even 20 I think.