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Created : 19 January 2023
Edited : 19 January 2023

Pixelart Drawing project update..

The newsletter mentioned it was not that clear what the tool I am working on was going to be.

Well, I had the idea to use some of the things I learned about procedural generation and drawing to make my own tool that uses those ideas.
I am slowly looking at other great pixel art images and looking if I can program a brush or brush setting that can be used to quickly or easily draw something from in that image.

I am currently working on adding and modding the first 'test' brush. Adding sliders and linking that into that test brush function. Hoping to get some kind of idea of how to handle this and the next brush(es).

I have made a couple of designs what I think could work. The design here in this post is for the new brush that can set the circle lines colors. I have to think about that one as I want to have a light source where one side is shadow and one side is light.

The code base is getting pretty big though. I started using the find option to navigate through the code.

A couple of days I tweaked the app to work on a iphone too. It might have broken on that again though. On my github(pakz001) the latest file(.html) can be downloaded. Only one file is needed.




Thursday, 19 January 2023, 00:53
Cool. Thanks for the update, Pakz!
Thursday, 19 January 2023, 05:21
Love the shots and the GUI looks intuitive and really love the color scheme.

Seeing all the Pakz code makes up for losing my CD full of Warpy Code™.
Thursday, 19 January 2023, 05:28
Look at :


For some nice color palettes. They have 4, 8 color, up to large palette selections.

This purple one was directly taken from a pixel art tutorial. This is where the current test brush is based on.

When ChatGPT is more open. You just need to ask for any code there