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Created : 22 March 2024
Edited : 22 March 2024

Generating pixel art with filtering

Decided to continue with a old project.

Now I have 2 low energy mini pc’s that I can keep running for days. I added some filters to a image generator that is build from a binary string.
Every pass one addition is done to the binary number. And some rules like no more then 2 neighbors per pixel.

The images in the thumbnail are the results of close to completion of 5 by 5 images. For inspiration they might have use for me.

I have one now running a 6 by 6 and a other doing a 8 by 8 dimension. Data being stored into a html text area. 1 line in binary.

With a 8 core pc. One could open up 8 browser windows to use every core. But my celerons handle 1 for cheap.



Saturday, 23 March 2024, 03:07
The 2 mini pc's have been running close to 12 hours now. I have not made a calculation on how long the 8 by 8 shapes could take. But maybe a thousand or a million years? Celeron.

The 6 by 6 shapes seem to be close to the upper edge now. Hundreds of shapes generated. Seeing rabbits, hearts, banana's, bows, chickens, jelly's. Some animated.

With some coloring and shading they might be ready to use.

The 8 by 8 one has made less.
Saturday, 23 March 2024, 04:42
Seems I was stil using random somewhere in the process to add new shapes. 10 times as much output now.

In stead of drawing each new generation. I now only draw when a shape has been filtered through. Speeds up a lot. Stil a bug somewhere with drawing I think. The data might be ok.

Enlarged the output canvas to a height of 9000 I think it was. Maybe enough space now.

Maybe the 6 by 6 shapes are done by tonight.
Saturday, 23 March 2024, 08:16
So. taking a break and waiting for Amazon to deliver.

I got the 2 celeron pc's doing their filtering.

Nice thing I just discovered is that Windows Edge can save a canvas as a image.
Saturday, 23 March 2024, 09:42
Neat! I like these
Sunday, 24 March 2024, 02:32

Turned it into a poster. Thousands of them now. The program was not done generating. But I am not sure if more shapes were going to be added. Took close to 24 hours for these 6x6 ones.
Sunday, 24 March 2024, 02:36
"Colouring page"
Friday, 29 March 2024, 14:27

After watching the pages generate the last days. I got some ideas implemented.

Added inclusion and exclusion masks with editor. Turned the binary into array. Various tweaks and the user interface graphics above here. Stil need to add the ui into the tool itself.

Might make it a bit game factory like. I referenced a screenshot from the old Amiga game "armour geddon"
Sunday, 31 March 2024, 04:08
One of the pixel art lists has gotten close to getting 15.000 outlined sprite being filtered through. This still at the 8x6 dimension. The file with the data strings is around 1mb.

Probably going to create a large poster size image with the 8x6 sprites. Still trying to figure out how to use all those sprites.
Monday, 01 April 2024, 00:13

Slowly crawling along.

I made a stand alone page where the outline sprite data can be pasted into. 15.000 lines are drawn pretty quickly on a canvas.

One version currently is being modified to color and shade every sprite in the list. Stil early. So not looking very good yet. Need to study some references. Lighting, palette, shadows, details...

(But my health is first. In the 6th month of daily back targeted exercises. My spine is really getting flexible.)