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Socoder -> PC Gaming -> Is it just me or is WoW not as good as i've heard

Thu, 14 Dec 2006, 07:58
This is just my opinion but at the moment i think World of Warcraft is hugely over rated.

I have heard people rave about it and my mate says it was brilliant, he convinced me to play it by buying me a copy of the game and a game card.

I've been playing for about a month now and I'm finding the quests very repetitive - need to kill loads of things to get 5 whatevers - that sort of quest.

I have 2 lvl 15 chars at the min. Do the quests get and more varied the further you progress into the game? Is it just the lower levels that are like this?

Does any one else here play - if so what are your thoughts?

One life - live it
Thu, 14 Dec 2006, 08:46
Never played WoW. I know someone who (obsessively) plays FF 11 and they claim WoW is too easy in comparison.

Personally, I don't see much attraction. Especially when I read one of the reasons for it's great success is the excellent single player aspect of the game. That is not to play it offline, but that it is easy to be able to play on your own online. This REALLY put me off. Paying to go online to play on your own? Makes no sense to me.
Thu, 14 Dec 2006, 13:32
i know a few people who really like it and say its good, i think its more of a social thing than anything, iv considered playing it but i dont want to pay a monthly fee, thats why guild wars is good.

Stuff... Yeah...
Thu, 14 Dec 2006, 17:38
power mousey
I'm looking forward to Hellgate London.

and yeah...I agree with you Diablosdevil. About what you said.

sheesh!!...I hear ya Mike T. My first experience with a multiplayer game was Meridian 59(or was it 95). Anyway, I killed lots and lots of the same old same rats,bats,spiders, and oh maybe a few skeletons now and then. Grew tired of it after 2 weeks. I don't like multiplayer games...but not only for that reason alone.

power mousey