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Tue, 02 Feb 2010, 18:03
Currently I have the engine I use for my games available over at Project Kenai. Today, following Suns aquasition, Project Kenai is being closed.

So where would people recommend I host my project next? What sites do you use?

Also I know SoCoder has a showcase system, but I want wiki's, optional forum, Subversion and lots of other features you only get with a dedicated code repository site.
Tue, 02 Feb 2010, 23:52
Sounds like Sourceforge. Though, I'm not sure how feasible that is for you or if that has any open-source restrictions or licences or the like.

Wed, 03 Feb 2010, 00:14
Wed, 03 Feb 2010, 00:29
I recommend GitHub, seeing as how I use git and am rather fond of the way GitHub works with it. It has a wiki, but no forums - after all, it's code hosting, not a mailing list. Also, it uses git, so your use of Subversion is also an issue. I recommend switching.
Wed, 03 Feb 2010, 02:46
While it has come time to close the domain of Kenai.com, the infrastructure, which is already used under Netbeans.org, will live on to support other domains in the future.

Everyone knows DD's the king of "OMG! Java actually works.. Look! Look!! This is in Java!!!?!?!!!??!?!?!"

So.. Bit of a long shot here, but why not set up your own?

I did consider Wiki stuff years ago, but the thought of having to hold mountains of "History of this page" type data, with which user changed what, and all that..
The other option would've been "And here's our bog standard shitty wiki!" which ... well that just wouldn't do.
To be honest, I'm not really a fan of wiki's, they just seem horrible put together, and never quite as organised as they should be.

I'll add "Try wiki" to my todo-list (Using "Errands" on the iPod. .. it's up to 12... And that includes "Framework" as a single task..) and try it out later.

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Wed, 03 Feb 2010, 11:57
I have considered setting it up my own, but having it on a large existing repository means I get the advantage of being in their search results and lists and so on. It will only be marginal, but it should get me (slightly) more visitors.

Also it should allow me to have it all moved across in less time if the infrustructure already exists.
Wed, 03 Feb 2010, 12:35
Google Code is a pretty good option. It has Subversion support, a wiki system and an issue tracker. Seems to be what you're after.
Wed, 03 Feb 2010, 12:52
oooooooooooooooooo! I forgot about Google Code. If it has everything I need then I will pick that.
Wed, 03 Feb 2010, 14:54
Oh yeah
Wed, 03 Feb 2010, 18:13
The only problem with Google Code is that it forces you to pick a fully open-source license, with all code completely searchable. So, if you wanted to keep anything private you can't.

I'm using unfuddle.com/ right now for a project I'm working on with one of my classmates, and it behaves pretty well.

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Wed, 03 Feb 2010, 19:40
On the subject of custom wiki's, I had one for a while, calle WikiDoc. Plan wa to provide more than basic information about lots of languages and their tools. It didn't work out too well; I was the only on who seemed to be editing any of it, which I didn't have too much time to post info on there, and after being up for a while it started being flooded by spammers, killing the whole thing.

Anothr option besides a wiki would be to have alot of your own information on a site, with the option of commenting on the pages. Hard to say how well it'd work, but its a thought.

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