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Socoder -> Wednesday Workshop -> #240 - The One Challenge

Wed, 03 Mar 2010, 02:30

#240 - The One Challenge

The Challenge

You've struggled through the past 186 levels, and are preparing to complete the game by finishing the final level.
You're prepared, you're set, and you've had your dinner.
But you're on your last life and have no save games to speak of.

This is it.
Your greatest moment, or your worst nightmare.

Do or Die.

Only One Life....

The Time

Wed 3rd March -> Wed 10th March 2010
You have until this timer hits zero to complete your entry. For the record, that's Tue/Wed, midnight GMT*. (Although that's more frequently becoming "When I bother to wake up, on a Wednesday morning") Aw, shit.. I died already!


Wednesday Workshop is just for fun.
It's not meant to be a competition.
It's just for fun.
The best technique is to try to stick to a 3 hour schedule for building the actual game. If you have more time during the week, build the game up, fix bugs, add music/titles, whatever.

The Rules

You're free to reuse functions here and there, if it helps speed up your dev-time. Old art and audio, are pretty much expected, since we don't all have time to create fully working masterpieces within the space of a week!

Other than that, the main coding for each week's task should be pretty much created within the time allocated.

If you use other people's art/sound/functions, give credit where credit's due.
To enter, post your game below. If you can't find anywhere decent to host it, send it to Jayenkai@Gmail.com

Additional rules are available here.

''Load, Next List!''
Fri, 05 Mar 2010, 04:44
So there must be only one level? Or one life left? I'm thinking about creating a game for PC so... maybe I'm in for this round.

BTW how many ppl are doing this Wednesday stuff?

Never mind.
Fri, 05 Mar 2010, 04:50
Started well, drifted downhill fairly quickly, nowadays it's just a ghost of a feature!
Feel free to enter

''Load, Next List!''
Fri, 05 Mar 2010, 05:09
I thought so... But I would like to have an opponent or not?

I've got an idea, nice one, but don't know how to implement that one life factor in it...

-> That's just for the cookie, I want to do it in easy way... then it redo for computer, bit more difficult

still don't know how to implement that one life factor... but in all the tetris games you have just one life, no?

Never mind.
Sat, 06 Mar 2010, 05:51
Don't let all these people not entering make you not want to enter again... If you enter more, other people will too!
I hope...
Sat, 06 Mar 2010, 17:04

View on YouTube

Something I made for fun... and show the progress.

Never mind.
Sat, 06 Mar 2010, 17:18
What a lovely little shooter