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Posted : Thursday, 30 November 2017, 14:02

Leap Motion: Review

Well, there we go.... I've donned the leap motion, had a go at a couple of things, and, here's what I think:-

To cut a long story short, but I'll continue after cutting said long story short, the leap motion is... A good idea, but, rubbish!

Yes, I've said it... It's rubbish!

Pushing the dodgy french 'tache track thing aside, because that happens, I'll first point out recalibration.

Okay, to recab the leap motion, you've got to point it at a shiney surface and "paint" the recab window, you need over 80% something for it to be calibrated correctly. It recommends a few things, like a mirror, monitor, stuff like that... So I have a go at doing it with the monitor... Baring in mind, its attached to the headset now... And what a pain in the arse, I couldnt get it passed 60% whatever.

So I tried my big tele above my monitor... Same... So I look around, and, well, there's the window, so I pull the blinds to one side and set away waving the headset about in full view of the neighbours over the road [I waved]... 91% whats-it-faces! \o/

What a way to calibrate something?!?

Moving on, I try a quick go at the visualisation app thingy, and this is where it sorta starts flaking.... You see your hands in infrared, and where your hands are, is the VR equivalent... And it's clunky, very clunky... Your waving about, and, you can plainly see its not tracking your fingers correctly, close, but, really, not close enough.

So I come out of that, and then have a go of the Blocks app... I thought maybe a bit more programming may fix some of the jittery clunkyness, but, no, its still there, the tracking is off, and it just doesnt feel right... Also, this is where I found another flaw, which is obvious, but you never think about it...

I made a brick, and picked it up [awkwardly], then went to throw it forward, so pulled my arm back, then, just about to thrust it forward, I heard something drop behind me... You know what I'm going to say... Yes, when you move your hand out of the leap motions field of view, the VR hand just pisses off. Now this produces the glaring problem that, even though your in a VR world, with the leap motion, your stuck with the problem that your hands must be always in front of the mount... So if you turn your head 90', you inadvertently, if you will, cancel your hands out.

That isnt good.

So I tried another app, a space experience thing, and boy, this is defo no Lone Echo, in fact, the experience is a shoddy mess. I tried it, but with in between jittery hands that werent tracking well, which made flying in the little pod thing impossible, to having trouble pressing buttons, to the horrible twitchy sound... I turned it off.

So with that... Do I see Leap Motion as a viable option for VR... That's a no in its current form, they really have taken the tech and tried to squish a living in VR, but it's wrong.... Soooooo wrong, given this or the Rift's Touch controllers... It's the touch controllers everytime for me.

Is it worth the money? If there's other uses, maybe, to use alongside a VR headset... Defo not!

Will I use it again? Probably not, it was worth a look, but overall, I would only use something like this with VR... If they could manage to take the tech and add it to sensors like the headset's, so you have full 360 tracking, then, maybe it might work, but alas, at the minute, it doesnt!

Score out of ten: 4


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Posted : Thursday, 30 November 2017, 14:10
Still, at least you've got a hilarious false moustache for those long winter nights on the floor of the local pub.
Posted : Thursday, 30 November 2017, 14:13
90 odd quid for a false 'tache... I've been Black Friday'd!


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Posted : Thursday, 30 November 2017, 14:14
But then... if you're out on the pull, and you cop one that's as boring as a fortnight in Scunthorpe, you can duck into the bogs, whip on your disguise, and hey presto! You're free again to prowl!
Posted : Thursday, 30 November 2017, 14:20
I can be... An... An Interceptor!!!! \o/

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Posted : Thursday, 30 November 2017, 15:06
Everyone's bounding on the VR bandwagon, whether they're ready for release or not.
Buyer beware.
And/or.. Buyer be pissed off..

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Saturday, 02 December 2017, 14:03
Moving on from the VR...

Tonight, I tried to use the Leap Motion as a pointing device, I mean, surely, it would be better as that is what it was originally designed for... So, I unclipped the lot from my VR unit, sat it on the desk, reinstalled everything from afresh... Went through the same shite recab routine... And well... To cut a long story short, but I'll continue after cutting said long story short, the leap motion as a desktop pointing device is... Rubbish!

Eeeeee my god, I'm not joking, even though sometimes it's close when in the visualiser thingy, it's still not close enough to feel like it is actually mimicking your hands on the screen... And the jumping and stuff... It kills it, really does.

To start with, I tried the visualiser, which I've recorded here if you want a peek:-


You can see the glaring mishaps when comparing my hands to the Leaps virtual ones... It just doesnt bloody work!

So, again, I tried using a playground app for it, basically, you pick little blocks up, stick'em on robots, they have a party... Its a pile of shite, but, meh, worth a look... And because of the glaring problems with the system, the whole thing is awkward, it just doesnt reflect well at all.

So, I thought, maybe as a touch device, like I said, I presume ultimately, this is what the system was created for... So, I downloaded an app called Touch or something... It installs, and you go through a tutorial on how to use it...

So the premise is... when you poke the thin air in front of you, it instigates hoover mode, which is shown as a grey circle, then the more you move your finger forward, it gets smaller and smaller, then when your level with the LM unit, it emulates a mouse click (Which I call the click space).

Simple idea, should work a treat, this is what it's for, and fuck me, if it cannot get that right, well, its truly screwed... And yeah, it's truly screwed... For four reasons:-

1) For it to work half decent and not jump about the place, you have to move verrrrrryyyyyyyyyy slowly, if you start going some speed, it jitters, and the thing tends to bounce all over, it gets confused.

2) When your moving your finger about, and I've never thought of this, but when your simulating the cursor on the screen by moving your digit, you actually move in a sort of arc, erm, how can I put this better... Basically when pointing and moving your finger left and right, you tend to put in a certain degree of rotation on the Y axis (yaw), if you get me... So, when your floating your digit in mid air, s with nothing physical to stop your finger, this effect at times brings your finger to the "click" point in space... Even though you didnt want it.

3) Combination of 1 and 2, and well... Annoyance ensues

4) And finally, this is the big'un... The unit is in the middle of the monitor, below the screen, so, when you point to the middle, it matches up with your finger on the x-axis... Sound... y-axis is completely fucked, the grey circle starts 3" above where your pointing. But you start to point elsewhere and your finger is literally going to the shop while the grey circle is coming back with the change. It doesnt line at all... the more you move away from the centre point on the x-axis, the more it drifts out of sync... So basically, if you want to close a window that's taking up the dekstop, and the "X" is at the top right of your monitor, you've got to point at 3" below and 3" left of it!?!

Honestly, this is a 90 quid bit of kit here we are talking about... Why oh why they couldnt do a calibration thing where you point to each corner of the monitor and it can jiggle the mouse pointer to suit... Is it me, or would that be too much to ask then this weird lazy arsed shite they made?

So, there we go... If you fancy touch screen action on the cheap, as in, dont want to buy a touch enabled monitor, I recommend you, well, buy a touch enabled monitor, because this thing is frigging useless!

With that out of the way, I honestly cannot see a viable option for a device like the leap motion as it stands for a pointing device...

Fucking pap!


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