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Socoder -> Off Topic -> Playstation One Classic GameList

Mon, 29 Oct 2018, 09:17
The ps classic games are now known. I am not that familiar with the titles.
Mon, 29 Oct 2018, 09:17

Battle Arena Toshinden
Cool Boarders 2
Destruction Derby
Final Fantasy VII
Grand Theft Auto
Intelligent Qube
Jumping Flash!
Metal Gear Solid
Mr. Driller
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Resident Evil (Director's Cut)
Revelations: Persona
Ridge Racer Type 4
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Syphon Filter
Tekken 3
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Twisted Metal
Wild Arms

It's not a bad selection, but..


No Forsaken, Tomb Raider, Parappa/UmJammer, Crash, Spyro, FutureCop, Need For Speed...

... They'd better, at least, have implemented Net Yaroze functionality!!

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Mon, 29 Oct 2018, 10:33
Super Puzzle Fighter II
Resident Evil
Jumping Flash
Metal Gear

Are all awesome. Metal Gear, FF VII and Resi have aged significantly, but are still very playable.

The others range from OK to meh. No really shit games, just a few that don't get my love.

All in all though, it's a pretty good selection, but as Jay says, it's missing some PSOne classics - I'm surprised they didn't put MediEvil on it, as that's a franchise that's constantly getting name dropped for a remake/update. And it's a fantastic PSOne exclusive too. The sequel was better, but it's still great.
Mon, 29 Oct 2018, 10:38
Yeah, what's there isn't a bad selection, but it seems to be missing a lot of what my mind says is "Playstation"..
Also, no Wipeout!?! Thafuq!?!

My preorder is still on preorder, and won't be cancelled any time soon. It's an enjoyable selection, and I'm sure it'll get a decent amount of playtime.
Been a long while since I had stair-based nightmares!!!

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Mon, 29 Oct 2018, 10:42
How could I forget WipEOut? - again, like MediEvil, a Sony exclusive.
Mon, 29 Oct 2018, 16:16
I never ownd a playstation, might give this a looksee sometime

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!
Tue, 30 Oct 2018, 05:01
RRrrrrrrrRrrrRrrRRRrrRRRRr..... Rapid Racer
Ace Combat

The list goes on..

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Wed, 31 Oct 2018, 16:03
Happy Bunny time - https://www.ign.com/videos/2018/10/31/medievil-announce-trailer

Sun, 11 Nov 2018, 23:54
Hmm, I don't know. This list seems to be a "hit and miss" for me.

By the way, newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online socoder community. Whenever I'm taking a break from this particular interest, I'm usually found at home, treating my Pomeranian to his nylabone and watching TV with my brother. Such a simple, yet, happy life. Cheers, everyone!
Mon, 12 Nov 2018, 02:15
I've heard rumblings that a lot of the "missing" games are down to music licensing.
If you remember, a lot of these games were the very cusp of real-music licensing, and I guess the company's didn't consider the longevity of such licenses.

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Mon, 12 Nov 2018, 02:36
Seems sony is using a open source emulator for the device. Though the amount of options in this one is not that great. No special filters for graphics quality from what I have read.

I noticed there is a c64 remake WITH working keyboard in the works. This might be more for me.
Fri, 23 Nov 2018, 10:02
"I noticed there is a c64 remake WITH working keyboard in the works. This might be more for me."

Yup, definitely worth checking out.