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Posted : Thursday, 31 May 2018, 08:23
Alright, alright.. Gawd, that Newsletter guy won't let up, will he? Geeze..

Month 6 - Reflex Game

Apologies for lack of photos, but I did most of this build last month, and things were a bit hectic.
The build and code were mostly uninteresting, aside from the fact that my head was pounding, and as a result the many dots on the breadboard were giving me a bit of a double-vision issue.
Other than that, it went relatively smoothly, but then one of the buttons weren't working, and my head was killing me, and the table was out of use, and I was doing it on the floor, and .. Bah.. I gave up.

Today I rechecked the wires, reseated the buttons, and double checked the code. All is golden, and now the two player button reflex game is working.

Tap the middle button to start, then there's 3 rounds.
The first to hit their button after the blue light appears wins.

View on YouTube

Month 7

This month's was quite a tricky thing to get working.
Well, the build wasn't. The build was 2 little premade chips that you dump on the breadboard. This is much like the radio chip from the Advent Calendar, in that you don't really do anything all that interesting, other than dot a few wires around the place.

Teehee. Silly little owl face!

With the wires dotted around the place, it was time to code, and FUCK ME was that a pain.
If you aren't used to coding, this would've been one hell of a bastard job, as the required includes weren't included with the Arduino-Kit Install.
Instead I had to google-search for the .cpp/.h files, and implement them myself.
That was NOT something I expected having to do, especially since the little booklet simply said "include the file!" as if everything would work perfectly, first time.


Anyway, I eventually got the thing going, and the weather app kicked into gear.
Unfortunately, since the arduino only outputs it's information to your system (because there's no display to speak of), it means this is a "only when hooked up to your system" sort of thing.

Hopefully in the future they'll give up some sort of nice visual output doohickey that I can use to make this into something more functional, but.. Who knows..
(I could probably look that up, if I'm honest!)

Beware, uneventful video!

View on YouTube

It's nice to have gotten a weather chip. I'm guessing the weather chip needs to be in open-air, so if I print a nice case, it'd need to be external somehow. But I have buttons, a couple of light/sonar sensors, a weather chip, a bunch of LEDs, and from the advent calendar I also have a little radio chip, as well as a nice speaker.
Given all these components, I could quite possibly create some sort of super clock radio kind of device.
That might be something to look forward to!!

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Posted : Saturday, 23 June 2018, 07:51

Month 8

Oooh, fancy little 4x4 LED panels!
Each one's a simple little 4x4 panel, so not quite enough to draw a Platdude.

There's also a little microphone, so after a wee bit of coding (with "Learning Arrays"!!) it became this.

View on YouTube

Which is quite nice. I suppose.

Use the little dial to change the colour, and then the mic causes the LEDs to flicker.

A little bit of tweaking later, and it looked a bit more colourful, with the dial now being used to alter the overall brightness.

View on YouTube

Nice, and a fun little kit to fiddle about with.

Shame the panels are only 4x4, though. If they were 8x8, I could've animated little platdudes on them!

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Posted : Saturday, 23 June 2018, 09:40
Posted : Tuesday, 31 July 2018, 09:55

Bloody hell, that's a lot of bits!!

"Lock Box" the pamphlet suggests..
I can think of at least a few ways to get around the "epic" security!!!

Never mind.. Let's built it up, anyway.

Crikey, that's a bit chaotic!!

The coding was nice and simple, although they messed up a couple of bits, whereby an Array Out of Bounds could've very easily happened.. *tsk*
But otherwise it went easily enough. No issues to speak of.

Once built..

It works like so..

View on YouTube

And inside the box..

Nowhere left to keep anything securely!!

Not that it's secure at all, in the first place!!

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Posted : Tuesday, 31 July 2018, 11:04
6128 LOL!
Posted : Tuesday, 31 July 2018, 11:17
Of course!!
Posted : Tuesday, 31 July 2018, 11:39
Even before you typed in the first code, I'd guessed it would be that!
Posted : Tuesday, 31 July 2018, 12:24
lol, thats my mobile pin!

Posted : Tuesday, 31 July 2018, 12:39

The number of 6128's around this house are staggering. It's like that Time-Loop episode of StarTrek:TNG, when Data starts finding 3's everywhere..

I'd never dare set my bank card to that, though. EVERYONE knows that that'd be the one I'd pick!!

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Posted : Tuesday, 21 August 2018, 07:18

Oh, good lord, it's chaos again!!

This month's crate is a MultiMeter.
The majority of the hardware consists of a few resistors, the contrast dial, and then an absolute fuckton of wires for the screen again!

By the end, I was desperately hovering things around, and trying not to accidentally short circuit anything.

I gave up trying to get a video, as I’d’ve needed about 60 pairs of hands to hold everything together, but essentially you pop the two loose Voltage wires onto a battery, and it says 1.5, or you stick the spare resistor between the resistance wires and it says 330..

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t very exciting..

But I have got another little 20x2 character display out of it!!

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Posted : Friday, 28 December 2018, 03:45
I swear, this gets worse every month.

.. This month, no booklet.
Instead, you need to log into their site, "BUY" the thing you already have in your hand, add the included coupon code to get it for free, and then you can download the booklet.

That doesn't work..

For starters, it seems their "Classroom" user database is not the "Account" user database, so you need to make a new account to use it, and then the fucking coupon code didn't work either, soooo...

I've got a few bits, and haven't a clue what to do with them.

Fuck that.

Cancelled my subscription.

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Posted : Friday, 28 December 2018, 14:24
Sounds well dodgy. Subscribers should not have to go through shit like that. Sounds like -

1) They didn't print the instructions in time
2) Found a problem with the instructions
3) Are cutting the instructions out to save money on paper/ink. If they are doing this, it's dying a death already
4) They really don't give much of a shit about users/subscribers.

Pick any combination of the above.
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