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Posted : Thursday, 03 January 2019, 09:25

My new Korg Kronos

I got the Korg Kronos yesterday. The thing is huge(73 keys) I have started to learn how to use it. The sequencer is not easy to use. I need to look up a lot of how to's online.

I just figured out how to record a song to diskI connected a usb stick and copied the wav on it and copied it onto the laptop and uploaded to soundcloud.


I have a lot left to learn. Also there is no real screen sequencer like on the Kross keyboard that has a piano roll editor. There is a step sequencer I still have to look at. For now I am having to play in the notes using the keys.

The effects that can be added are also not that easy to do. This wil require me to look up more info online.

There is a 16 midi tracks limit but this seems enough.

I wil post a more complete review here later when I have some more experience with it.
Posted : Thursday, 03 January 2019, 09:47
I think most things have a 16 Midi limit, don't they? Or do you mean 16 notes?
Anyhoo, yeah, sounds interesting.
Looking forward to more.

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Posted : Thursday, 03 January 2019, 10:09
The manual states 16 audio and 16 midi tracks. I asume this means you need to put audio and midi on 16 tracks.

btw - the keys are piano hammer action ones. Pretty heavy to push down.
Posted : Thursday, 03 January 2019, 19:36
I am learning more. I figured out how to add insert effects. These are various effects like reverbs and phasers and a whole lot more. There can be only a limited amount at the same time. The kronos uses a Intel Atom processor so this means it is not that beefy. I looked at one songs cpu usage and it was at 25%. It used a dozen or so instruments and 5 or 6 insert effects.

The nice thing is that you can write the song as a wav and then import it inside a track. Kind of like the freeze function in gadget. This means you can make more then 16 tracks. Also also you can import other music and build ontop of it.

I now also figured out how to use the Step sequencer. I created a drum pattern using the step sequencer and copied it to fit the song length. The kronos has a 800*600 touch screen which is pretty responsive. There are a whole bunch of different screens to dive into. One being the step sequencer. You basically select the note duration and press the keyboard to trigger a note. I think I made the mistake on the second song I am working on and did not press the keys hard enough(velocity) and ended up with a low volume song. I can not find of a way at the moment to increase the volume of every note in every track.

What stil is a mystery to me is that the effects knobs on the keyboard with some instruments function and with other instruments do not work. This is mentioned in the manual also. There are 6 different sound engines. The Karma(advanced apreggiator) also with some instruments are set up and function and with others they do not. There are menus to dive into to modify these appregio's.

I recorded the new song to disk and copied it to the stick and then to the pc. I needed to normalize it for it was of to low volume. WIth a video editor I pasted the wav inside and made some screens there also.

Here the latest test. The song kind of mysterious with a piano part inspired from the game music from Fallout 3.

View on YouTube
Posted : Friday, 04 January 2019, 01:20
Cool. Nice drums, too!
Posted : Saturday, 05 January 2019, 10:32
Wel, yesterday I started a new song and spend some time working on it. I was inside the instruments selection window trying to play a section for the song and the kronos just froze. It did not respond anymore and it made that krrr sound through the headphones.
It had been on for about six hours I think. I needed to rboot and I had not saved the song yet. The reboot failed stating I should remove the usb stick. Then it rebooted correctly. I have had it for 3 days!

With the kronos you need to reload all the user data every time you reboot it. This does mean you are not limited to a x amount of songs but just use the disk menu to load and save anything into memory.

Anyway, I needed to rewrite from memory that song that I started. It did not freeze again after that. I now save more often.
I also looked online on freezes and the kronos. When it happens a lot you should use the warranty. It is a computer. The warranty that I have at the store is that if something is wrong in the first 30 days then I get a new keyboard freemof any costs.

I am kind of worried that it wil need to use the warranty. After the first 30 days there is no cost also but you could have to wait 4 weeks for it to be returned.

Also, I ordered a pedal when I ordered the kronos. I found a tutorial on how to set it to the right configuration. You can connect 3 pedals in total. I now set the pedal to start and stop the song from playing. Maybe I wil order another one so I can navigate up and down through settings. Maybe also a microphone for sampling. I did quite a lot of voice acting and singing practise over the years so that might be fun to do with the kronos. The kronos is a complete workstation after all.
Posted : Saturday, 05 January 2019, 10:41
Hmm.. hopefully it's nothing too serious. But it's good to have the 30 day thing, just in case.

Good luck!

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