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Posted : Saturday, 19 September 2020, 05:19
Anyone familiar with ecotank printers? Only .4cent per page b/w. My mother needs a printer for her writing.
Posted : Saturday, 19 September 2020, 05:19
How often does she print things?

I rarely do, and I grew increasingly frustrated with ink drying up and becoming unusable.
I switched to a laser printer back in 2014. It's a bulky behemoth, and has to sit in a confined corner of the room where it usually just sits gathering dust.
.. but whenever I need it, I need only click print, and print it does.

I bought 3 sets of toner bobbits with it. Cost a blinkin fortune, but I figured by the time I got round to needing them, they'd probably be long since discontinued.
Good job, too.
The printer currently states that the levels are down to about 40%.

Except, that's still the first set of carts.
I've printed photos, silly paper crafts, photocopied TONS of medical papers for my PIP crap.. .. twice... and a whole lot more inbetween.

At the end of the day, for me, it's the fact that I can just hit print, and just get a print. That's been the overriding advantage of going LAZZZZEEERRR!!!
The biggest disadvantage, is that my particular printer is shit at printing on anything thick, so I haven't been able to print Xmas cards and the like.
Bah, humbug..

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Posted : Saturday, 19 September 2020, 05:44
My mother has those moments when she really is into something. Than sometimes she drops it for a long time. I think I might be better at looking for laser. As even when the inkt resevoir is a lot bigger it would dry out at the head.

I noticed a small lexmark laser printer for 90 euro's. The cartridges are 45 euro's for 1200 pages. There is a not that full one included. I will read up on that one.

edit: ooh and I would use it also for those code needed on paper moments
Posted : Saturday, 19 September 2020, 05:45
I have the same issue as you Jay - my ink always dries up. It's fecking annoying.
Posted : Sunday, 20 September 2020, 11:53
I bought the lexmark laser printer. I watched instructions videos on youtube and everything went without problems.

I have one spare cartridge(1200 pages) and 2500 paper and the printer for 170 euro.

Mum is typing but refuses to learn how to use key combinations and gets angry when a character is upper case when it needs to be lower case
Posted : Sunday, 20 September 2020, 12:21

Aaah, parents.
I'm thankful that, although she needs a few pointers with modern annoyances, my Mum can generally work technology well. In the early 80s she trained as a St John's nurse, and since she was already going to night school, decided to also take up a computing course. She can certainly hold her own with most things, but this week has been getting frustrated by all the new permission requesters that iOS14 is throwing up! ... but aren't we all?!

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Posted : Sunday, 20 September 2020, 12:26
I have a sixpack of heineken to get me through the first day!

She is learning google docs now! She is 69 years old And barely used a computer in her life.

Thoug she is at her fourth poem printed out and happy with the results so far

Edit: she also is about to sign a contract with a book publisher. So a printer was a thing in the making!
Posted : Sunday, 20 September 2020, 12:33
Aww, that sounds great!
Posted : Monday, 21 September 2020, 01:42
Have to agree with the Jay - laser printers for me. I got the Brother HL-L8260CDW from Viking Direct for £177 inc. delivery. Then there was £99 cashback on it too. Absolute bargain. Pretty big thing and weighs a heckalot - but superb

I print LOADS of stuff and the toners are still the original ones. We still have another inkjet for photo's/scanning/copying, but I tend to get the cheapest inks for it.
Posted : Monday, 21 September 2020, 08:56
Hi there! Something something refreshcartridges.co.uk/

In general, yes, ecotanks are rather good in general for budget concerns. If you're after more photo printing check out the canon pixma range for good value and colour reproduction.


Feel free to give us a call and we'll happily help you out, it won't be me on the other end of the phone though

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