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Wed, 17 Feb 2021, 07:59
No Man's Sky's got an animal based update, today.

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Fri, 26 Mar 2021, 05:51
Sony are currently giving away a set of games for free, in a bid to help people cope with being stuck at home.

The Play At Home collection is now available.
There's also a copy of Ratchet and Clank available, if you hunt the Playstation Store for it.

Of the collection, I grabbed The Witness, Ratchet and Clank, and you bet your arse I grabbed Rez Infinity, too!
Haven't played any of them, yet, though.
Maybe later?

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Fri, 26 Mar 2021, 07:58

Ratchet and Clank : Alright, I guess. No complaints, except for grumbles about fences, and them being either jump-over-able, or not, seemingly without any sort of visible difference in fence type or fence height. Just an old-fashioned invisible wall syndrome.

The Witness : nice wanderable area, no dodgy invisible walls so far, except for the typical "you can't jump into the water, stop trying to jump into the water" invisible walls.
The puzzles are a bit baffling, I haven't quite worked them out yet. Something about black and white spots. I thought I understood it, there, for bit, but then one of the puzzles was going "NO!!! that's wrong!!" and I couldn't figure out why.
Nice, though.
Shame it's not a great big massive world to explore. That'd have been nice.

Rez : it's Rez. It's damn near identical to how it was roughly 20 years ago when I last played it. It's fine...

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Fri, 26 Mar 2021, 14:09
Are the games free for all PS4 uers or just those with a currnet PS membership doodad? I might have to turn mine on... (no sniggereing at the back!)
Fri, 26 Mar 2021, 15:08
I'm fairly sure they are completely free for all.
The games aren't showing up under PSPlus, or anything like that. They're in the first screen when you open the store, or if not, search for the game titles, and the descriptions include blurb about them being free.

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Sun, 28 Mar 2021, 04:50
Cheers Jay. I'll have to have a look.
Tue, 30 Mar 2021, 10:00
In No Man's Sky news, I reached the centre of the galaxy, bought a lovely new ship, and have been flying around, claiming systems and planets for myself!

Photo Gallery - Click for Big!
> Reveal 🔎

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Tue, 15 Jun 2021, 14:38
Hang on!, that character has an arc-reactor in his chest, is Marvel involved in No Man's Sky or something?
Sat, 10 Jul 2021, 05:33
Have a mountain of unplayed PSPlus games, here..
Decided to play a few, this morning.

Here's my first impressions, whilst in a particularly ADHD kind of mood.

Virtua Fighter V

It is what it is. Nothing surprising here. A typical Virtua Fighter.
I never seem to have got along with Virtua Fighters for some reason.
But it works, and its good, and .. No grumbles.

Stranded Deep

The intro sees you in a plane crash, then you have to get out of the sinking plane.
My motion sickness went through the roof, and I had to quit.

Star Wars Squadrons

.. Maybe I'm crazy, but the ship textures don't look as good as Rogue Leader on the Gamecube..?
Flying in spaceships and dogfights and the like. Far too fast paced for my head, I'm afraid.
If this were 20 years ago, I might've given it more time, but nowadays.. Nope..
Bah, humbug.
Seemed ok, from what I saw.

Days Gone

This seems nice enough, and I was alright motion-wise, since the aiming (in the tutorial) was relatively slow paced.
It might be a fun world to explore and aimlessly wander, though I imagine the storyline might get in the way of letting you do that.
I'll have to investigate further.

Zombie Army 4 : Dead War

Motion sickness in ten.. nine..
Also, seemed to be getting a lot of lag in this game, when trying to aim. It's not been THAT bad in other games. I wonder why it's like that, here..?


Right from the get go, directly after the Start Button, the game kicked things off with a profile creator, wanting me to fill out stats and all sorts.
It felt going to a D&D club and being handed a 57 page form to fill out before they even tell you what sort of game you're playing.
I randomly hit X a bunch of times, and then the game proper started with half a dozen cutscenes.. You know the type.. Watch half a second, hit skip, oh here's another one, skip, and again, skip, and again!!
After this there was a fight tutorial, and it tried to teach me how to play but I gave up and quit, because by this point I was already sick of it.

Remnant from the Ashes

The tutorial lead me down a generic path. Crouch here, run there, Now there are really obvious monsters that come out at really obvious places, which somehow the devs must've imagined would look super cool or something.
Bland.. So bland..
I didn't have the heart to carry on.

Hollow Knight

I was saving this one, because I knew I'd like it.
A good old 2D platformer.
Gud gud!

There's still another 5 or 6 games to dig through, but .. God damnit, what is WRONG with modern games!?!
I'm SO glad Nintendo are still around.

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Wed, 21 Jul 2021, 08:53
Initial Thought
Once Super Monkey Balls comes out, I'm going to have to buy Mum a Switch so she can carry on playing it all night whilst I'm coding in SmileBASIC.

Second Thought
Hey, hang on.. I've got a PS4 sat under the Telly, and Monkey Balls coming out on that..

Spent the past couple of weeks trying to order a PS4 controller from Amazon. Totally sold out. Sod all available.
Managed to snipe one, yesterday, so me and Mum now each have a controller.

Bought a copy of Puzzle Bobble 2 on the PSStore (5.99, bargain!) and went to start a two player game..

Jesus fuck, the farting about you have to do to get Player Two on a PS4.

Now I'm on the hunt for Mum suitable PS4 games..


.. I might yet end up buying that second switch..!

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Sat, 17 Sep 2022, 08:54
Haven't done this for a while...!
Let's free up some space on the PS4!!

NFS Heat

A dark racing game at night with waffling storyline that I just don't bloody well need in a racing game.
No split screen, either.
Fuck that.

Granblue Fantasy : Versus

An anime inspired 2D beat em up.
Takes a while to load due to the high quality animations
Feels alright as far as beat em ups go, and I'm sure it has some nice depth to it, but I had to move closer to the screen to read the tiny tiny tiny text!!

Yakuza : Like a Dragon

.. waiting for gameplay..
... still waiting for gameplay
QTE Chase
Beat em up scene.
Very Shenmue.
Eventually got into "you can walk!" part of the game, and .. yes, very Shenmue.
I visited a burger shop and a sushi shop. But it wouldn't let me spend any money.
Then I felt a bit 3D sick, and saved and quit.
I may revisit this.

Little Nightmares

I can't see a fucking thing.

The Dark Pictures Anthology : Man of Medan

"Please set the slider so you can see jack shit"
followed by an unskippable set of cut scenes.. I say unskippable, but I can get a Keanu lookalike to pop up if I tap R1..
Oh, now it wants me to pick a story direction.
Bollocks to this..

Naruto To Baruto : Shinobi Striker

I've heard of Naruto.
I've heard of Shinobi.
Striker is occasionally Football related....
Ninja Anime Football?!
Let's see what happens!!!
Nothing to do with football, just a chaotic multi player battle thing with a very very very swoopy camera that knocked me sick.

God of War

This is going to be a story based FPS isn't it....
"Please set the slider so you can barely see anything"
Oh, fuck...
"Chop the tree"
"Now walk forward."

Curse of the Dead Gods

Wasn't expecting an isometric dungeon romp.
Seems kinda decent.

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Sat, 17 Sep 2022, 09:54
I really enjoyed the first couple of God Of War games.

Little Nightmare looked pretty good to me (a long while back, mind).
Sat, 17 Sep 2022, 15:49
Give Little Nightmares another go, it's a strange but good little platformer. I liked the look of it and was surprised how cool it was. Completed it over a few sessions too.
Thu, 06 Oct 2022, 08:07

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Seemed alright. The start was very "do you know how to drive in a racing game? Hold trigger to accelerate." tutorially, constantly stopping the race to tell me about buttons. Gawd, I hate those..
Once going, the gameplay was ok, but then I hit a giant loop-de-loop thing, and wanted to vomit.

Injustice 2

"Move the slider until you can barely see the logo".. and after moving it all the way up, I still can't see it.
We don't all play dark games in dark rooms on super bright screens...

It's basically Mortal Kombat with DC characters, if Mortal Kombat was in a dark street at night in the darkness, and all the characters wore dark leather jackets, and there was a black hole in the background sucking all the light out of the environment.. And no finishing moves, either, so .. *shrugs*


We all know what this one is, but let's play a game of "how long can Jay last before the motion sickness kicks in"
Answer : Not long at all.
The gameplay, I barely got to. There's giant words that flash up on the screen, either when you die, or when a level starts, or when you die, or when you're wearing socks, or if the cat walks past.. Basically, all the time.. Whoomp---whooomp---whooooooomp..
Each time causing the camera to do a sort of warp effect, and every time that's happening, I'm feeling worse and worse and worse..
Gave up very soon.

That's a shame.

All three deleted. I'll stick to Puyo Tetris and Monkey Ball, thanks.

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