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Posted : Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 03:30
I'm stil getting packages from dhl and postnl for the previous resident after 3 months here. I think she might not be that wel organised. Specsavers, various unknown packages, repo agencies, lotteries. ffs
Posted : Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 03:30
Yeah, but if she wins those lotteries, you're quids in!! (I'm aware it's not quids..)

Have you updated all of your addresses?!!

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Posted : Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 04:00
I had made a list. There is one company that I still have to call. That needs to be done through phone as it is a oldskool taxi company. Not been priority as I only use it once or twice a year. They send new plastic passes every x years and that is the only post they send.

Last week I discovered a old card in my frontdoor mailbox. This mailbox is stuffed with some kind of cloth by the previous resident. The postal delivery guy just stuffed in in the front. It was the first time I looked if anything was in there as I had no idea the cloth was in there. The card for the package had no date and might of been in there for months before I moved in. I need to ask my neighbour if they stil have that package. I keep doom thinking that repo companies wil start getting tough on those (lost?) packages. Companies have a lot more protection over here than citizens.
Posted : Thursday, 23 September 2021, 04:57
Similar thing here 2 year later on, mostly debt collector agencies though, nothing exciting.

I do let them know that the previous resident has moved on to another address and yet they still insist on mailing me with the incorrect details. I don't particularly want them to pop in and pilfer my lovelies whilst I'm away!

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Posted : Thursday, 23 September 2021, 05:42
The previous owner of our house used to have a business decorating houses with false suspended ceilings and wood panelling all over the walls.
The house was more or less his showroom, and every single room had garish ceiling tiles and wooden walls of every variation imaginable.
Mum still refers to the state of the living room as being an upside down disco, with Saturday Night Fever esque multi-coloured squares, all over the ceiling!

Dad was a builder, so he knew how to fix it all, and indeed everything ended up looking much more liveable after just a few days.
We still have the suspended ceilings up in a few rooms, most notably the living room, where the insane amount of light-cables and other wiring, is all hidden above the thing. .. But it's nice basic white tiles, and has been since a few days after we moved in.

My bedroom is now the only room in the house that still has its wood panelling walls. Mostly 'cos we can't be arsed emptying the room to do the big job of removing them all!!

... That was a waffle...
Anyhoo, the guy's business went to pot, and he left the house in right fucking state, with bills and debt collectors aplenty, all wanting blood.

Post still occasionally shows up.
It's been about 34 years.

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