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Socoder -> In-Development -> Cad or 3d Modeler(browser)

Wed, 28 Dec 2022, 17:29

Cad or 3d Modeller(browser)


I have been working on this modeling tool for 2 days now. Some 1400 lines have been coded. I am testing it out and adding features and coming up with ideas.

The idea was to create a tool to make models for my Voxel engine. Making this tool seems to teach me a couple of things about how 3d is done in opengl.

I just finished debugging the layout on google chrome. This after Safari seemed to have no difficulties and Chrome did. I do need to upload it constantly to test it like that.

The modeler is pretty basic still. It can add one point at a time. It needs to have the vertices and uvs manually set through a tracker like window. It is all keyboard controilled at the moment.
I want to make it completely touch and phone friendly eventually.

The text window in the page shows the instructions. This window wil eventually be used to copy the 3d data from. I want to parse that into a friendly format based from the inner 3d data.

My site is stil up btw. Hoping they wil keep it going
Wed, 28 Dec 2022, 19:50
I know this is a very early preliminary version, but it was stable and was fun to play with.
Thu, 29 Dec 2022, 00:06
I think there could be some memory leaking bugs left. I have been removing these quite a bit.

I made a short overview and introduction movie this morning.

I now ried to learn more about the build in Ipads Imovie. I figured out how to cut parts now. My directing skills are improving!

(The music in the video is a old amiga demo scene song I remixed in Korg Gadget / inspired by Shaggy ' it wasnt me' - '1992' )

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Thu, 05 Jan 2023, 00:00
Slowly building new features into the app. It has a multiple of touch controls now. Not been tested on other devices and portrait mode yet.

My site is stil up. But I make backups on the wayback machine now.

I have no idea how to remove points from the cad data yet. Everything is linked.

Here is todays version on the wayback machine :

Oh. The generate button generates a html file in the text window. This can be copied into a file. When the three.js and texture file is suplied it should show what is modeled in the app.