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Socoder -> Music -> JXMb (Latest JMTrackr)

Mon, 13 Mar 2023, 08:56

JXMb (Latest JMTrackr)

Started work on a new version of JMTrackr last week, and it's currently at a half-assed testable stage.

Try it out here
There's an interpretation of Manic Miner preloaded, mostly for quick test purposes.
There are 16 patterns for each of the four instruments, Melody, Harmony, Bass and Drums.
You can set Beats in the Bar, and Tempo, and then plot notes.
Drag when plotting to plot a longer note.
Tap a note to remove it.

More on the second row of the GUI. Aiming for copy/paste/stretch/shrink and a few others.
Better instrument sets. And more sets. The black unused box on the top row of the GUI should hopefully be a selection of different instrument sets.
Integrate with both Browsercade and JSE

You should be able to copy+paste that into the text box on the bottom, to get it to play the AGameAWeek/JNKPlat melody.
Try it out here

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Tue, 14 Mar 2023, 10:58
Updates over the past couple of days. (Checks timestamp of previous post.) Oh, apparently it was only a day..

The engine's now pretty much sorted.
The mod is now 650kb, but contains four different "soundfonts". Retro, Classic, Hedgehog and Plumber. Tap Style, then RandomPlay to hear them. Tap the RandomPlay repeatedly for different versions.

You can tap the style button to switch between them.
The pattern edit buttons are now there, and the New Song button's over on the right.

You can Try JMXb here

Todo List
1. Are you Sure? : I'll need to code my own requester, because popping up a standard Javascript requester will mute the audio on an iPhing. ... Because.. *shrugs*
2. Load+Save : Would be nice to have things collected in a neat package.
3. Song Titles : Probably another text entry box on the bottom right
4. Integrate the new engine into Browsercade/GotoJSE
5. And then sit and do a hundred or so example choons.

... Yep..

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Fri, 17 Mar 2023, 18:40
After a couple of days away from the project, I hopped back into things, today, and from the list above have managed to do..
1. Are you Sure? :The requester is now a barebones couple of big buttons on the screen. Does the job without screwing up the audio on an iPhone.
2. Load, but not save : A small library of choons are available to load.
3. Song Titles : Indeed ended up on the bottom right.
4. No integration into either engines yet. Not going to try until I'm happy with the randomiser.
5. I made 5 choons today! Hurray!!!

The randomiser is still occasionally getting itself stuck into areas with very little instrumentation. It seems to really like muting all but the Bass and Drum channels, and then not getting out of the loop.
I need to add some sort of "Keep moving" rule into the engine or something.. I'll probably add some sort of "If down to two channels, make sure the next pattern has more channels" sort of thing.

You can Play some choons here.

Oh yeah, and I removed the SNES instruments. Couldn't quite manage to get a good quality of instruments that didn't always seem to clash horribly together.

|edit| Ugh.. iOS screws up the music selector.. |edit|

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Sat, 18 Mar 2023, 06:49
Today's tweaks
1. Bottom Bar is now at the top. Because when you tried editing the song name using an iPad, it'd scroll the screen up and bring the keyboard up, to let you type, then when you finished.. .. It didn't scroll back down again.
Fixed it lazily.

2. Load button brings up a new two-column list of songs. Left = pre-made song library. Right = songs you've made.

3. Save button works.

4. Export button works, downloading a txt file with all your melodies in it.

5. Import button doesn't work. Sleepy Jay CBA right now!!

Same Linkage

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Sat, 18 Mar 2023, 07:45
The screen scrolling on the ipad is a bit annoying. It locks to full screen when scrolling down. Then there is no way to scroll up again unless you pinch it smaller. Couple of things get out of reach at the top. (Chrome for ipad)

I like how it does not stop any radio stream playing in the background!
Sat, 18 Mar 2023, 10:57
Yeah, it's been hard to keep tabs on that.
Usually I fill the whole screen with a canvas, and that prevents "grippable" areas that can be scrolled and stuff, but in this case I need access to those text areas up at the top, and that means sacrificing the simple e.preventDefault() function that stops the ability to scroll and zoom the screen.

I've had a good dig around and I *think* I've managed to solve the issue, other than the very top bar, at the top of the screen. You can still pinch that.
But, for the rest of the site, I *think* it should be ok.

Note that in all but Safari, it doesn't fit on the screen in Portrait mode any more, because ... *shrugs*

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Sun, 19 Mar 2023, 07:35
OK, I'm fairly happy with JXMb now.
I've integrated into GotoJSE, and you can use it using the same JMTrackr command name..
The JMTrackr command can happily switch between both old and new formats, as long as it's first updated!! (See below)


Example 2
> Reveal 🔎

Note : Engine will crash unless it's updated to v3ggr
I can't retroactively make it not crash because.. ... I'd need to update it to include that fix, and it's the not-updating that's causing it!!
Be sure to refresh first

JXMb is now the default tool that opens when selecting Music Editor from GotoJSE's gui.

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Tue, 12 Mar 2024, 11:20
OK, spent the past couple of days working on this, and it "should" be functional'ish for Spinal!

How to quickly get a practically infinite supply of ALChoons as .xm mods.

1. Open JXMb. You may need to refresh before the new functionality appears.
2. Click "Load Song"
3. Pick a song from the list on the left. (Let's choose "Engine Desire")
4. Pick a Seed number. (Let's choose "1237")
5. Click that Seed Play button. (Click again to stop, play with the seed, see what choon appears!)
6. The new "Export as XM" button should appear just below the Seed button. Click that!

You now have a nice .xm file!
Bit big though, because it currently has ALL the instruments, and I'm too fucking lazy to code that bit. So we'll use another tool.

Open the .xm file in OpenMPT
Edit, Cleanup, OK, Yes, Yes, Yes, OK!
You can edit the name, too, whilst you're in here.

Save it back out, and it'll be about 100 or so kb.
True, it's not the <10kb of a "proper" chiptune, but you're going to have a ton of music to select from, and a whole myriad of seeds you can get them to play from.
Hopefully that should be enough.

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Tue, 12 Mar 2024, 13:24
Cool. XM is like the best old music format out there.

Not sure if there is a easy javascript player for it. Back in the days one would just copy a bit of replayer code and music would play. Today (pc) you need to install like whole libraries.