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Mon, 29 May 2023, 15:41

No Man's Sky - MacOS

Either the MacOS release is imminent, or Sean's taking the piss.
He's tweeted two apples, today.


I've been waiting bloomin' ages for this one, but now that Zelda TotK is here, will I bother!?

..Yeah, I probably will.

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Thu, 01 Jun 2023, 09:24
No Man's Sky is currently (RIGHT NOW) available for MacOS via Steam

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Thu, 01 Jun 2023, 10:22
How about a bit of gameplay footage if possible? I can find nothing out there yet.

edit: found one.

View on YouTube
Thu, 01 Jun 2023, 10:48
Will do later.
Have had my PS4 controller sat on the coffee table for the past few months, waiting for the release.
Grabbed it, dusted it off (full of dust!) got it up and running, loaded the game, and...
About 5 mins later the controller died.

Not really all that good trying to play it with a trackpad, so am now waiting for the controller to recharge.

Defaults to Not Quite full gfx, and not quite as high as it can resolution.
What little I played seemed nice and smooth, though, so that's good.
Once I reach the space station (where the lights really make the PS4 and Switch versions struggle) I'll report the fps/heat stats

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Thu, 01 Jun 2023, 10:52
The video I found mentioned his Mac got really hot. The settings he tried was causing bad framerate and hickups.
Thu, 01 Jun 2023, 11:08
Aye, I was watching it. It managed to get to 63, so far. I was expecting something around there.
But this is still planet-side. Like I say, once you hit the space station it gets intense!!!
(I'm using the app Hot, available on GitHub : https://github.com/macmade/Hot )

FWIW, running about 10 images in Stable Diffusion can easily ramp it up to the mid 70s. So, it's not "that" bad..

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Thu, 01 Jun 2023, 12:59
Been playing for a good hour or so. Video hasn't happened yet, but I've been from planet to space station and now am building a base.
It IS quite warm, I'll give it that.
A prologued 69 degrees for most of that time, though, even at the space station I didn't see it reach over 70c.

On an unrelated note, I think the battery on my Black PS4 controller is dead, as it keeps disconnecting.. Have had to wire the bloody thing up. *tsk*

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Thu, 01 Jun 2023, 13:33
There's a lot of plant pop-up on the ground.
An awful lot.
When I played the Switch version I was all "Well, it's on the Switch, what can you do?"
But now it's like.. .. Hmmm..
There's an option to increase or decrease the LOD of planetary objects, and I've actually found it better if you DECREASE it. The LOD switches don't appear as dramatic, and .. to me at least, it feels a little smoother.

Will likely play more tomorrow. Though, I dunno, my head's awfully wavy after that. It wasn't that bad when playing the Switch version.
.. hmmm...
(Though that might also be because I kept farting about with settings instead of just playing it.)

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Fri, 02 Jun 2023, 09:28

/Users/jayenkai/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata/10123855/760/remote/275850/screenshots

Took me absolutely pissing ages to find the in-game photo library..
No idea if that folder will be the same each time I play. I'm assuming.... .. probably not, just to tick me off a little more!! But which part will randomly change? There's a whole lot of numbers, there, and any one of them could randomly leap to another value at any given moment.

Images taken at the default resolution. (1472 x 956 ..!?! ) Will be experimenting with different resolutions, later, to see how that impacts the game. Today's been mostly spent farting around with all the quality settings. I think I've found a comfortable set of values. Thought they're not "The best quality", they are at least nice and smooth, and don't appear to be impacting my motion sickness, which is nice.

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Sat, 03 Jun 2023, 12:18
Testing for today. ( MacBook Air M2 - 8Gb - 512Gb )

All settings are on "High" except Terrain Tessellation and Planet Quality, which I only have set to "Enhanced", they seem to help the CPU quite a bit.
I've also only got the game running at 30fps. Honestly, that's more than enough for me. I've spent the past few years playing on PS4 via Remote Play and on Switch!!

Ansitropic is set to 1, AA is MSAA 2x
Resolution is (gasp) 2560x1664

With all that, I stood in the upper space station deck, with the camera pointed at the tons of lights that usually overwhelm the system, then went through the various settings
I gave each mode about 10 seconds for the Macbook's temperature to settle, then recorded the value.

Fidelity FX - Performance : 67 degrees
Fidelity FX - Balanced : 75 degrees
Fidelity FX - Quality : 77 degrees
Fidelity FX - Ultra : 78 degrees
Fidelity FX - Off : 80 degrees

Metal Spacial - Performance : 71 degrees
Metal Spacial - Balanced : 71 degrees
Metal Spacial - Quality : 71 degrees
Metal Spacial - Ultra : 71 degrees

Metal Temporal - Performance : 70 degrees
Metal Temporal - Balanced : 70 degrees
Metal Temporal - Quality : 70 degrees
Metal Temporal - Ultra : 70 degrees

Crikey, those Metal scores are impressively static, huh?!!
The difference is in movement, and anything above Balanced starts to really stutter when walking around, especially if you suddenly turn in a different direction.

For now I'll be sticking with Spacial - Balanced. I might also reduce the resolution if things get a bit toastie..

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Wed, 07 Jun 2023, 02:34

On a laptop!!

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Sat, 10 Jun 2023, 16:41

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