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Created : 24 May 2018

#367 - News Ba Ba Bada Bo

Weekly Newsletter

; News Ba Ba Bada Bo

#367 - Friday 25th May, 2018

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Every Friday, Stirling the ingredients.


; Hello World

As I type this, there are cookies in the oven.

This month's BakedIn recipe is Carrot Cake Cookies, which sounds awesome, and smelt great whilst mixing it all together.
Grated carrot, cinnamon and raisins don’t sound like a great combination, but the aroma coming from the oven is simply outstanding!!

We need to attempt to make icing, next. That'll be fun!!!
Apparently the icing needs milk, icing sugar and.. .. cream cheese..?

Whatever! Follow the instructions.
I’m sure they’ll be great.



; MusicalBoy

Rychan continues his return to Gameboy dev by working on a Music engine.
Sounds like it might be tricky on such limited hardware.


; Dabz Days Off

Dabz has another holiday?!
Beware, this story may contain elements that may distress people if they don’t like stories about horrible things that may distress people.

; Cocktail

Steve finds an epic cocktail mixer on YouTube.
Not even Tom Cruise has these kinds of moves.


; Beat the Teacher

Either the teachers are teaching the kids far too well, or the teachers are getting dumber.
It's probably the latter.

; Battery Failing

Jay's laptop battery is getting a bit shit, and Apple aren’t even involved.
Jay's reluctant to buy a new laptop, though.


; Destroying My Youth

The eye of Thundera has seen some truly horrific things in it's time, but nothing quite prepares it for the events that are about to unfold.

; Reliving My Youth

Master Splinter approves of this TShirt


; Wedding Day Matters

View on YouTube

; Blobby Blobby Blobby!!


; Conspiracy of the Week

Don’t watch this, Steve!!!

; Amazing

Your dreams have come true. This is the most amazing 11 minutes of Youtube, ever!

; Cardboard

Dracula LOVES cardboard!

; The Doctor

Epic spoilers are out, and this who-fan isn't letting up!

Word of the Week


; Saving Vic

8bit guy rescues a horror of a PC!
Part One

View on YouTube
Part Two

; Saving Arnold

RetroManCave rescues a 6128
Part One
Part Two

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube






TVCover Corner

View on YouTube




And then...


VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube





And who could forget
Andrew Lloyd Webber's version

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Thursday, 24 May 2018, 11:51

Dabz has another holiday?!

Here, I'm divorced you know... I'm allowed!

Seriously though, I just love going away really... One day will come when, I wont be able too, maybe due to ill health, being brown bread or even just settling down again. Life will get me grounded again, but until that very day... Fuck it, I'm off!