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Created : 31 May 2018

#368 - The Way News Makes Me Feel

Weekly Newsletter

; The Way News Makes Me Feel

#368 - Friday 1st June, 2018

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Every Friday, Complaining and whinging about something


; Hello World

As I continue to build up the 3DS functionality of the 2018 Framework, I'm learning all manner of neat little tricks about keeping my code a little cleaner and faster.
That's not to say it wasn't well written before, (It wasn't!!) but those few little nips and tucks in the layout of the code have made an interesting number of changes to the way I was organising things.
The layout of spritesheets is one thing that's been chanaged quite significantly, with a previous "I can make HUGE spritesheets!" none-limit, being reduced to a 256x256 pixel limit.
It's all down to memory allocations on the 3DS, and what can and can't be done in huge chunks on there.

Luckily, my framework wasn't "too" bad with large spritesheets. A few little tweaks like the menu backgrounds and the font and such, but otherwise everything's more or less as it was.
I'm now wondering where I should go next, and am slightly tempted to try and get a cheap PSP Vita from somewhere. .. But me and second hand.. Eeek! I ALWAYS end up with the broken rejects!!

In the meantime, though, I really should get the Android and iOS targets up and running.
Those are DESPERATELY needed!


; Making Sound?

Dan wonders if it's possible for Blitz (2D/3D/Plus) to generate audio on the fly.
The general consensus is that Blitz probably can't do that, but . Who knows!

; A Plastic Box

Spinal wonders if anyone can 3D print a little box for him, and as much as Jay would love to, he hasn't the foggiest how to "edit" the 3D model to hide the holes.
Luckily, Krakatomato's much more experienced at this sort of thing.


; Web Attack

Looks like the EU's decided that it's a great idea to break the internet a little bit more, because nobody uses that old thing, except evil hackers intent on destroying the universe.

; RIP - Cornelia Frances

One of Home and Away's original stars passed away this week.


; Creation!

This month's Creation Crate has just arrived.
Last month, the kitchen table was in a bad state, as we were busy rearranging the shed, and there were all manner of tools and screws and everything else all over the kitchen/dining area.
As such, last month's Creation Crate was vaguely attempted, but mostly abandoned.
And now I have this months, and I'm not sure I'm in the mood to tackle it, just yet.
Mostly because I still have the previous one to do.

..That's just fucking laziness, Jay! Get off your arse and do something.
The thread has now gone 2 months without an update.
You lazy shit!!!

Just sitting there, tapping away at your keyboard, eating bloody noodles every day.
There's plenty of things to do.
Get yourself into gear, and start doing some of them.


; Synth'd Up

Pakz buys a Roland JD-XI synth, and gets to work making sweet musical ditties with the thing.
It really does produce a nice set of sounds.

; Rymdreglage

A blast from the past.
And some of it still looks faked, to me.


; Engine

TechMoan builds an engine.

View on YouTube

; Abandoned

Like a bomb had hit it...

; Thunderbirds

Remembering the classics

; Bitter? Nah!

TT games/GameHut Guy complains about a new Sonic Racing game.

; Walk Like a Man

With music in your hand

; Sex

A video full of Sex!

Word of the Week

; Solar


View on YouTube





80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



And of course


... but maybe not


TVCover Corner

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Could do without the SynthBrass, though...

This one's lacking Strings.

But this one's just right!


VGRemix Corner

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