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Created : 29 August 2019

#430 - Ain't News

Weekly Newsletter

; Ain't News

#430 - Friday 30th August, 2019

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Every Friday, But this is the last time.


; Hello World

It's going to be a busy few days..
I have to finish off a Clampett game in Petit Switch, today (Thursday), then release it tonight, buy FUZE basic on Friday, learn that, code SpikeDislike in it, release it, then finish off Pyramid Solitaire for Shoebox by Saturday, before starting a Browsercade game, which I'm aiming to release on Monday, even though I don't even know what it is, yet.

What the hell am I doing to myself!?

Note : I am NOT making AGameAWeek in Fuze Basic!!
I'll do SpikeDislike, write some kind of bloggy thing about how I got on with it, but then I'm sticking with Petit.
I cannot keep juggling these things.
It's getting crazy!!!


Fuze should be available for Switch at some point on Friday 30th August, 2019.
... hopefully worldwide, 'cos I don't exactly feel like setting up a US account..


; More Vic20

AndyH has decided to make a version of Blockman Gets for the Vic=20
The worklog for the imaginatively titled Blockman Gets Twenty is a go!!

; Bugz by Pakz

Pakz continues his training in the fine art of Pixelart, by drawing some creepy looking, but colourful bugs.

; D'oh

Some bad news from Spinal, regarding his Mini Micro Handheld C64.


; The Crate is Over

Ashens reviews the last of the LootCrates, as LootCrate goes bankrupt!!

The reptitive oddities in the boxes were definitely a sign. LootCrate ended in seemingly the same exact same way that NerdBlock did a few years ago.
I started noticing the odd bit of repetition, the quality of the items went downhill, and then..
I certainly didn't expect LootCrate to go, though.



; Finally, Snooker!

A decent Snooker game has finally arrived on Switch.
Now we just need a Pool game, and we're sorted!
Bring it on, Team17!!!!

There's a version of Super Monkey Ball on the horizon, but I don't think that includes a version of Monkey Billiards.
I'll let you know if it does.


This week, Paul made a version of the classic school playground game, British Bulldog

View on YouTube

And, as is tradition, he also posted a Post-Mortem for it, too.



; Meow

View on YouTube

; Not Meow



; Worse and Worse

Jim gets angrier and angrier

View on YouTube

; Cosmic Clothing

Changing your outfit for the movies


; Cancelled

The Disney movies you never got to see.

View on YouTube

; Tank Girl



TechConnect looks deep into the light

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube




TVCover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

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