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Created : 19 May 2022

#568 - Video Killed the Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Video Killed the Newsletter

#568 - Thursday 19th May, 2022

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Every Thursday, Hammering out the bugs


Hello World

After last week's surprise resurgence of JSE, I spent a fair amount of time this week rejigging the GUI layout.
Pakz was trying to use JSE on his iPhone, but everything's a little bit too cramped on there, with GUI elements overlapping the code box, and more.
I decided it was probably time to fix that, so spent a good 2 or 3 days focussed on the thing.
I've stuffed most of the icons into secondary menus, now, and the new Image Editor (Symbol editor!!!) is much more streamlined than it used to be.

The new "Download HTML5 Project" link works a treat, creating a ready made .zip project that you can bang up on itch.io without much thought.
Yes, yes, everything is indeed much more capable than it previously was..
... Though I haven't really tweaked the actual language in months!




Spinal attempts to crunch some image data using the ADPCM audio compression formula.
Can you solve his dilemma?
Or can you offer alternative compression ideas?

Boxes Around

TheRevillsGames wonders how best to add boxes around the edges a series of boxes, and a series of solutions present themselves.
If you can figure out a simple mathematical way of formulating this, we'd love to hear it!

Pea Game

Pakz posts a JSE game to the forum, and then the topic spirals out of control into the realm of how to do some fancy optical things.



Looks like Russell T Davies is bringing a whole host of things with him, for his upcoming return to Doctor Who.
Last week they announced the new Doctor.
This week they reminded us of an old one.
And an old companion.
And an old companion's companion.
And a new companion.
And an old director.
Oh my god, there's been so much Who news!!!



A prequel to the classic 2049er has been released by developer Daniel Avery, and is now available for the C64.
You can either grab the download for £4.99

Or alternatively, buy yourself an amazing Collector's Edition boxed version with a poster, badge, sticker and more, as well as a floppy floppy 5.25" disk for £39.99!
(Other editions also available, at a variety of different prices)


Pakz's Hands

Too much coding? Bad posture? Bad circulation? Could be any number of reasons why Pakz' hands are tingling.
If you've got tingly hands, or know of any possible reasons why Pakz's hands might be tingling, let him know in the thread.

Steve's Car Again

Steve's forking out more hundreds of pounds on his car. This time, it's the insurance that's ripping him off.

SoMuch More


Jay re-subscribes to the monthly food box, and gets quite the surprise.

Olde Shoppes

PHS lets us know of a list of shoppes.



View on YouTube


Broken Tech

Can the broken SNES Mini be saved?

View on YouTube

Star Trek



A Tale of Two Chipsets

I didn't know a lot of this. Fascinating stuff.

View on YouTube

"Sir cooits"

Movie Pursuits

The Shitshow that was..

Back to the Future

View on YouTube

The video (above) is all about the original, whilst the podcast (below) covers the sequels.


Before Quantum Leap

.... !!!?

View on YouTube

In The Matrix

Are we inside a simulation?

View on YouTube

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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