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Created : 16 June 2022

#571 - Are You Gonna Be My News

Weekly Newsletter

Are You Gonna Be My News?

#571 - Thursday 16th June, 2022

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Every Thursday, Going "Oh, shit, I still have to do the newsletter!!"


Hello World

I'm resting, this week.

After half a year creating a full year's worth of 52 AGameAWeek's, I've decided to take the opportunity to have a little bit of a rest period.
It's been a bit of a chaotic half-year, if I'm honest, as all manner of real-world events go on around me.
Worries and Stresses took hold, watching my little sister battling against the government, the government generally being a bag of shite, and then the whole Ukrainian thing in general..
It's certainly proven to be slightly tougher than usual to bury my head in the code, and just carry on as normal.

But here I am at the midway point, and I'm trying my best to relax and chill for a little bit, without worrying about what game's next.

.. But, of course, I am. Because I always am.
I'm currently working on getting a form of RetroRaider up and running on the Amiga.
It's a bit of a mess, right now, and all the colours are screwed up, which is baffling when you consider that there's only 32 colours to work with!

.. Never mind. Carry on. I'm sure it'll all come together, eventually.


RetroRaider on Switch

Jay releases a new edition of RetroRaider on Switch

The topic then switches to discussions about how Jay could achieve longer videos from his Switch, and ends up costing Jay another £40 or so in random devices that may or may not allow him to do better Switch videos in the future.


Buying a House

A thread that becomes somewhat political/social, as we discuss the topic of home owning.
Do you own/rent your house?
That's oddly something that hasn't actually come up in the thread.
Let us know, so I can tell people are reading the newsletter!

Don't Take Those Pills

Steve is given a reprieve from taking his Diabetes tablets.
Is that a good thing?
Who can tell.


Indie Retro Birthday

The wonderful site Indie Retro News has celebrated its 10th birthday, this week.
It's a wonderful site where the creator scans the globe for "New Indie" news, and catalogues it all into a great big blog.
It's been a daily visit for me since I discovered it, but unfortunately I have to admit that I only actually discovered the thing a couple of months ago, when it showed up in my referrals due to my recent Amiga coding.
Still, gives me a whole decade's worth of back-content to read through!


Keep Runnething, Hejog

The second "A Hejog Wot Runs - Teh Muvie" appeared on UK purchasing places, this week, including iTunes where the wonderful Colleen O'Shaughnessey didn't get her name on the movie's blurb.
Good going there, Paramount/Sega.
And it didn't even come out on a Tuesday.

Keep Flying, Orville

Jay discovers that The Orville Season Three has finally appeared, on Disney Plus of all places.
After Disney bought Fox, they decided against doing a Trek show, and the show was handed over to Hulu, but now, inexplicably, here it is on the Disney streaming doohickey.
Not really sure what that's about, if i'm honest.
Either way Jay cried quite a bit watching the first episode of Season Three, and given how the show's a Sci-Fi Comedy, he really wasn't expecting that.


Microsoft's NotE3

The E3 vibes continue, as Microsoft did their big presentation, this week.
Lots of fun looking games, but also a lot of generic AAA faffing about.
But where's Nintendo at!?
Rumours are they might show up next week, but . Who knows at this point.
After all, it's not "really" E3, is it?



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Commercial Break






Take Those Pills



Behind the Scenes...

..and under the dash

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The Trailer!

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The Noise


Outdoor Pursuits

Roller Coasters

Tom Scott gets a behind the scenes day at Alton Towers

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In Conversation

More Tom Scott

Tom Scott chats with Marques Brownlee

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Additional Challenge

Towards the end of this video, Marques asks Tom Scott to do the Alphabet Typing challenge, an idea that I instantly swiped and popped onto the forum.

2000s Cover Corner

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Jarvis chats to Adam Buxton


MovieCover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 16 June 2022, 10:24
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