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Created : 04 August 2022

#578 - News Jam

Weekly Newsletter

News Jam

#578 - Thursday 04th August, 2022

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Every Thursday, Waiting to see if the site stays up, tonight.


Hello World

Playing about with those fbclid things again, this week.
I do worry about the privacy issues that might come from those things. I mean, they definitely hold "something", but .. What information, exactly, can be extracted from that data?

Today I've been trying to feed the fbclid data back into Facebook's search, and there's some odd groups being suggested.
Some are obvious like C64 groups, ZX Spectrum Now group, things of that sort.. But others are coming up with weird Gothic groups, BTS fan groups, and other such content.
I think the Facebook search must be trying to decipher the scrambled data and is assuming it's unicode or something, then trying to search for the unscrambled unicode within posts.
I dunno.

All I do know is that those things look fucking evil to me!
It's only a matter of time before someone truly deciphers what's inside them, and all hell breaks loose.
I sure do hope Facebook hasn't put anything really dumb inside them.

.. They probably have.


Raycasting More

Pakz upgrades his raycasting engine with movement!
From his recent tweets, it seems like he's planning on adding textures and trying to do a Wolfenstein, but (if he's reading this).. Might I suggest a Trex Warrior remake?
That'd be awesome to play in the browser!!
I'd definitely need a mouse, though.


Apples or Bananas?

The Poll asked which was better, Apple or Banana, but what's your favourite fruit overall, and why?
Let us know in the thread of the fruit.

Raisins count, right?!
And blueberries..
I'll take my 5 a day in the form of muffins, thank you very much.
Nom nom nom!!


Be a Pirate Egg

Dizzy takes a trip to Monkey Island.
Help Dizzy become a pirate, in this crazy egg-shaped mashup, available now for Windows systems.


Hot and Bothered

The site's been up and down like a yoyo for the past couple of days.
Something went awry at Linode HQ, and on both Monday and Tuesday nights, at roughly the same sort of time, the entire site (and all of the AGameAWeek sites) became completely inaccessible.
Still running, still going strong. Just completely knocked off the internet.
Thankfully, nothing untoward happened on Wednesday night, so all looks good.
.. I hope!


Corner Gas - Animated

The entire show's already finished, after four whole seasons, in Canada.. And NOW we finally get to watch it in the UK!
If you've got either the Amazon Prime Video app, or the FreeVee app (which used to be the IMDBtv App, which apparently Amazon now own?), you can watch the whole 4 seasons and a special, free .. but with adverts.
Still, better than nothing, right?!


Beware the coming price hikes, when Gas and Electric skyrocket to levels previously unimaginable.
It's not just the energy prices, though.
I just did the same bit of online shopping that I've been doing every other week since the start of Covid, and every time I do it, the price gets higher and higher.
It's up to £48.32, now.
It was about £20, at the start of Covid.


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Without a Doutte

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Please Be Aware

Atomic Shrimp has spotted some incredibly important signs

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The Matrix

Adam talks about his love of the Matrix


Running Up That Cover

Andrew creates a cover of the Kate Bush track, and talks us through how he did it.

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Outdoor Pursuits


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Mashup Corner

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TVCover Corner

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Paul Farrer redoes his original The Chase theme

TVMashup Corner

Been playing the Green Day DLC in Beat Sabre, and wishing it had this..

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VGRemix Corner

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Kitty Playz Spike

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