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Created : 10 November 2022

#590 - News on Sunshine

Weekly Newsletter

News on Sunshine

#590 - Thursday 10th November, 2022

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Every Thursday, skippity doo


Hello World

Oh dear, where did the day go?
Oh yeah..

I grabbed the Switch and Keyboard ready to do a bit of SmileBASIC coding, but when I tapped the button to wake up the Switch, No Man's Sky was already loaded up.
Six hours later, I figured I'd better write the newsletter, especially since I skipped it last week.

Luckily I've now been compiling the odd little bit-and-piece for the majority of two weeks, so the YouTube section is at least nice and padded out.
That's good, right?!
We all LOVE the YouTube section!

.. Don't we?

Let me know if you think that I should maybe reorganise the newsletter a bit, and if you've any suggestions of different sections I could try out.


Andy's VIC Snake

AndyH has been crafting a Snake game on the VIC 20, which features "levels", plenty of pickups, and even a screen-wrapping function.
Hurray for Snake!

Voxel Insanity!

Pakz tries his hand at Voxels, using his new iPad Pro and the wonderful three.js library. The result is really quite awesome to see running silky smooth.
Now he needs only make a kick-ass Minecraft clone, and he'll be a billionaire by Christmas



The Question of the Day thread continues to bring out some odd bits of information from our fellow coders, with the creation of the November thread.
If any question's spurred an odd thought/memory, let us know what it is!
It's never too late to answer an old QOTD. .. Just be sure to quote it, if it isn't the current one, so we know what you're on about

Mind Poke

The November Mind-Poke is well under way, and features lovely words like Cake, Snot and Particleboard.
Be artistic, be musical, be a coder... Be creative, and let the mind poke inspire you.


Penguin Attack

A new game for the Amstrad CPC. Defeat the evil Pingus.


Another new game for the Amstrad CPC. Blast away the enemies with your bazooka!


Artificially Stealing

RSKGames finds news of lawsuits against Artificial Intelligence, after it was found to be very blatantly plagiarising the contents of IRL creators.
Be sure you know exactly where you stand before you start trying to profit from anything that an AI has created, and always be prepared to remove something without argument, in the even that the AI has generated something based on the copyrighted content that someone else made.
Remember that computers can only make things based on some kind of input.

AMOS + Unity?

AndyH links to some Amos news!
Looks like the recent versions of AOZ (Son of Amos) now has the ability to link up to Unity, which brings all manner of license gubbins into play.
How much for an AMOS license? How much for the Unity license? And if you want to port to iOS/Mac or Android, you've the store's Dev crap to pay on top of that, too.
Being a developer is extremely expensive, these days.


EE By Gum

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Battery Reduction


Musical Interlude


Expensive Eats


Commercial Break



Who's Johnny?

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Who's Effects!



Grey Goo

The end of us all

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BBC History

A series of clips from the BBCs early years of TV.
From 6:55, the chaos of BBC 2s launch. Imagine watching the birth of a brand new channel, and all you get is a man on the phone!
(This is 10 years old, btw!!)

The Universe

Theories and proofs.


Fucking vertical videos, damnit. TikTok, I swear, you've destroyed quality, forever!!

Holy shit, could things get any worse..?
Oh my god... things just got SO much worse...

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Outdoor Pursuits


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80s Cover Corner 1

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80s Cover Corner 2

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Stop That Cover

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Classical Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Mod Memory Recall

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Thursday, 10 November 2022, 02:39
Yay Penguins!