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Created : 14 December 2022

#594 - News Way

Weekly Newsletter

News Way

#594 - Thursday 15th December, 2022

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Every Thursday, Waking up at stupid-o-clock


Morning World

Wednesday nights are "Write the newsletter!" night..
Except today, when apparently Wednesday night was "Napping from 7pm until almost midnight" night.
Oops! Guess that's what I get for all the "Only Coffee" I've been drinking lately, desperately trying to stay warm.

Oh well, guess I'm awake now. Might as well type out some erratic waffle to pad out this thing.
Let's Waffle!!!


Advent of Creativity

The Advent of Creativity is bringing some wonderful little scripts from Dan, as well as lovely RectangleArt from Shroom_Monk.
Rychan's been occasionally chipping in, although most of his creativity is still going towards the little NES game that came out of last month's MindPoke.
As for Jay, he's posting his daily SpikeDislike themes, but isn't really working on that Puzzle engine like he's supposed to be doing, and is instead getting sidetracked by odd generators and the like.

Rychan's continuing NES progress can be found here.


The Photography thread is coming along nicely, with regular pics from both Shroomy , AndyH and Jay.


And over in our annual Badvent thread, honestly nothing too bad.
Rockford's little daily squishes have been lovely to see, and even the Funko figures have been shockingly un-Funko like.
All is golden in the word of Advent!
Merry Festives, Coders!!


The Joy of Voxels

Pakz has been chipping away at the blocks, and his little engine's running nice and smoothly.

Locking the FPS

Eikon's posted some Blitz2D/3D code that helps to lock the framerate of a game to a more solid 60fps, instead of freely running at a bazillion FPS like it's prone to do.

"Shovelling Shit"?

Afr0's been working on a new TCP networking method to send/receive data a little more reliably.
Oh, the joy of buffers...


Fusion Ignition has been achieved!
Scientists have created a fusion experiment that creates energy breakeven, where the amount of energy coming out of a squiggly little tiny thing is equal to the energy being put into it.
This will apparently lead to a massive breakthrough in real world scientific cases where we can actually start to build those Warp Drives, Replicators, Holodecks, and other such glorious wonderments of the Star Trek age.
Either that it'll be used to blow shit up.
I wonder which will happen first..?


No Kind of Atmosphere

Snow comes to the UK, as temperatures reach minus 10 degrees C, and everyone turns their heating on.
Fun fact : Our heating apparently turns itself on if it gets below minus 4, in the middle of the night.
How are you coping during the freezing December month?
Let us know in the thread!



Fumbling Moderator

Jay locked a more or less inconspicuous thread, yesterday, because of the way the first post was worded.
It apparently seemed, to him, that the thread was destined to become less about funny videos and more about politics.
Jay's been pondering about this decision for the rest of today, and is still unsure as to whether or not this was the right move to make.
If you'd like to voice your opinions on this matter, please do so, be in in reply to this newsletter, or a thread of its own, or via PMs/Emails/etc.
Jay is listening.



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Commercial Break

Mmmm, Coffeee...

Tech Support




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Movie Night

Why not settle down and watch a 1.5hour TV pilot from 1986, about an indestructible man...!

View on YouTube

Big Tree

Little car

Animation Pursuits

Where The Bus Went

A video all about the missing Bus Stop scene, in the very early Simpsons Intro

View on YouTube


The A.I.'s coming to get ya!

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Cover Corner

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Stop That Cover

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Cover Corner 2

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VGRemix Corner

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Pakz Playz in 3D

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Wednesday, 14 December 2022, 21:00
I am 99 and 44/100 percent sure that Afr0 meant no harm or offense. Humor is highly subjective. Political humor is also one of the oldest forms of humor. Personal opinion, I saw the content as more social commentary than political. More of a truth is stranger than fiction type of commentary. *shrugs* Your house -- your rules; and there is nothing remotely draconian in your actions.