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Created : 08 March 2023

#603 - Horrible News

Weekly Newsletter

Horrible News

#603 - Thursday 09th March, 2023

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Every Thursday, Oh My God..



This has been a really hard week, and the site's been in a state of flux.
Last week I seemingly insulted practically every single member of the forum, all in one swift haphazard post.
In the days since, at least one important forum member, Rockford, has decided enough's enough, and has left the forum.
I've posted an extreme apology post, here.


What Happened

AndyH posted an innocuous comment that he'd named all his cars "Jayenkai", to which I said "... because ultimately they don't actually accomplish anything worthwhile? ", because I'm always being self-deprecating.
Unfortunately, he hadn't specifically written "I've called all my cars Jayenkai."
He'd written "I've called all my cars [you]." and the [you] BBCode will display the name of the current person who's reading the post.

So, when Rockford read the thread, it would've gone..

AndyH : "I've called all my cars Rockford"
Me : "... because ultimately they don't actually accomplish anything worthwhile?"

Rockford took this to heart. Honestly, anyone reading it also would've.

For many years, Rockford just hasn't had the time or energy to devote to forum/coding matters that he once did, and I know that this must prey on his mind from time to time.. or more.
He assumed that I was absolutely being a complete and utter fuck, posting a bastard of a dig at him, and complaining about him not being productive.

I wasn't

But I think if I'd've read the same thing, I'd've been rightly justified to be completely and utterly pissed off about it, too. As would anyone else.
What he saw on the forum that day must've rocked him to his very core, and there's no realistic way that I can take that back.
What's done is done, and as much as it pains me to say so, I don't think we'll be seeing Rockford on the site again.

I'm so truly sorry to Rockford, and .. honestly, to everyone else who saw the post in the state that it was.

Rychan eventually called me on it, and it was only then that I caught wind of what had happened, and why.
Once I realised, I was instantly horrified by what had happened, and took drastic steps to flag up my idiotic mistake.

I've since tweaked the [you] BBCode on the site, so it now highlights the name, and is much more obvious that the name isn't "normal".

It's all I can do.

I'm sorry, Rockford.
I truly am.



Steve continues to bulk up his snake game, with some nice mazes.



Pakz brings news of a site called Poe, which is a set of different AI Chatbots.
Currently free, the site currently integrates four different Chatbots, Sage, Claude, Dragonfly and our old favourite, ChatGPT.
The site is (at time of writing) free to use, and really quite fast, especially if you're used to normal ChatGPT struggling along at Ziggy-Handlink speeds of typing.

Jay took the opportunity to write a single-script example that can hopefully help train AI Chatbots the fundamentals of GotoJSE in just a single request. It "kinda" works..!

Meanwhile, Spinal's been using ChatGPT to help code a version of Max Headroom, and apparently it's helped him code something in Python.. If you can manage to get Python to function well enough to output the results, that is!!


Snow Time

As winter draws to a close, the weather kicks off an angry rage.
Flurries of snow have been bombarding the country, and it's super cold at night.
Turn up the heating as much as you dare.
It's COooooold out there.

Podcast Section

Kate Mulgrew

Doctor Crusher talks to Captain Janeway about Health, Family and Sex with Ghosts.

Zoe Lyons

Zoe gets to play with the time capsule, this week. Plenty of childhood memories and more.

And if that wasn't enough, Zoe also popped up on RHLSTP, this week, too!
What a busy Zoe she's been!

Piano Tube



ChatGPT's Poetry of the Week

I am a feline, sleek and full of grace,
But now I stand with guilt upon my face.
For in my play, I knocked an ornament,
And shattered it beyond all our content.

My human looks at me with stern rebuke,
And I can see the depth of their pained look.
I know that I have caused them such distress,
And in my heart, I feel so much duress.

I cannot ever make this wrong all right,
No matter how I try with all my might.
For though I am contrite, and full of sorrow,
I cannot fix the mess that I did borrow.

My only hope is that my human knows,
That in my heart, remorse and guilt still flows.
I am a cat, and prone to accidents,
But I'm still loyal to my human friends.

{ -------------------
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