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Created : 10 May 2023

#611 - Failed Attempt At Being Evil

Weekly Newsletter

Failed Attempt At Being Evil

#611 - Thursday 11th May, 2023

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Every Thursday, ZELDA!!!


No Newsletter?

There wasn't a newsletter last week.
Not my fault.. Though I should probably learn not to leave the newsletter until the last minute!
Virgin did some "work in your area", last Wednesday, and it took my internet down for about a day and a half.
I was literally phoning it in for a good while, there, and as "functional" as that was, it wasn't exactly the best newsletter-writing situation that I could've been in.
All is up and running now, though, so I'm back to writing waffle again!


*not sorry


Image Data

Spinal wants to know if it's possible to embed image data inside Traditional Blitz code.
Afr0 spirals it off into the realm of updating Blitz's sourcecode!!
Chaos ensues.


May Be Arty

This month's challenge thread is a calendar full of words meant to spawn your artistic talents.
Dare you draw or doodle a picture for us?!
Maybe you'll take a photo or two?
Show us your art in the thread.



Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom is due out tomorrow.
Hopefully it's out at midnight, and I can lie awake in bed all night playing until the battery dies.
.. Which reminds me, I need to find a 5v charger and put it next to my bed, so I can power through until morning!



Eurovision is Saturday, and having been won by Ukraine, the event is having to be held in Liverpool.. .. For obvious reasons.
If the Semi-Final's are anything to go by, they really need to fix their sound mixing a bit. It's got WAY too much reverb.
Anyhoo, ignore that, and enjoy the epic choonage.
Will you be holding a Eurovision Party?



Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro have finally shown up on iPad! .. well, almost.. Still a couple of weeks until launch..
Annoyingly, though, both are now Subscription based.

Come on, Apple, you've got WAY too much money, there.
You don't need to do this.

I say again..



This week, I discovered an Amiga craktro-intro for...
"Spike-Dislike by Jayenkai"
Thafuq is the point of that?!?
It's already free!!?


So Many Questions

There have been a lot of quirky questions of late.
I decided the repetitive "how would you feed a donkey using a retro system" style questions were getting beyond a joke, so got Bing Chat to come up with a bunch of new questions for us, which should be filtering through the randomiser at a decent enough rate.
I might have to add some more, though. I wonder what sort of prompts I can give to the AI, to get it to spit out some fun questions...
If you've any suggestions, let me know!



For the past, goodness knows how long, the uploader hasn't been displaying the little links properly.
I fixed that, this week, and also (*gasp*) removed the Table, and used proper Div elements and other such modern techniques like that.
As I type this, I'm trying to figure out if I can add a Drag'n'Drop upload function, but ... Not 100% sure on that one.
*gives up trying*

Podcast Section

Just Choons

Legacy Music Hour don't have a particular theme, this week, so are just playing some random videogame music.


Simon investigates the possibility that Lizards are ruling the world.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi

The creator of Rez chooses his favourite games to put into his Perfect Console.

Bonus Tube


Greenie's Poetry of the Week

There was a young programmer named Dave
Who, with punched cards, did often misbehave
He'd drop them on the floor
Or forget which deck was which, and more
And his programs would often crash and cave

But despite all the trouble and strife
Programming with cards was still his life
He'd sit at his desk
And punch and punch with zest
Hoping his code would run without strife

The cards were a curious thing
Each one unique and with its own ring
They held all his code
In a neat little row
And made his computer sing like a king

So Dave kept on punching away
And with each card he'd pray and pray
That his program would run
With all of its fun
And he'd live to code another day

{ -------------------
{ Load, Next List!