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Created : 07 June 2023

#614 - News Some More

Weekly Newsletter

News Some More

#614 - Thursday 08th June, 2023

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Every Thursday, Time Flies


Hello World

I'm knee deep in a whole boatload of amazing adventures, right now.
In the one hand, Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom is MASSIVE!!
On the other hand, No Man's Sky now runs on MacOS and is also MASSIVE!!

But which is Massiver!?!
Well, it's No Man's Sky, obviously, but NMS has silly repetitive missions whereas Zelda has..
.. Yeah, they're kinda repetitive, too.
Once you've dragged a Korok up a hill, you've dragged them all.

Still, plenty of adventuring to be done, and so many crazy places to visit.


*I'm so very very tired*

Anyhoo, yeah, No Man's Sky finally came out on MacOS, though not via the AppStore.
People expected it to show up in the AppStore after the WWDC event, but that's not happened yet, either.
Honestly, I've no idea what's going on, there.
Still, it looks awesome, and runs at insane resolutions.
If you haven't yet, and have one of those Mac thingies, go get it!


No Real Coding

I don't think there's been any coding/creative threads, this week, which is a bit of a bummer.
The whole site's been mostly about gaming and technology, this week, but barely any creativity.
Perhaps this is my fault.
I didn't come up with something special to do for June, and nobody else has posted any suggestions, so I guess we have nothing to focus on for this month.

I have started doing something for this week's upcoming AGameAWeek game, and I think that the idea might work well for next month's "Thing"
As a vague and subtle hint, this week's AGameAWeek game will have the initials "W.W."
Oooh, whatever could I be doing!?!

But don't let me be the lord-of-things. If you have any ideas for how we can do a creative thread for July, please do let us know, somewhere on the forum!


Apple Event

Another 6 months, another Apple Event.
This year, they've unveiled their AR/VR headset, and given it a typically Apple price tag.
It sure does look like it might be impressive, but with a price like that, they're taking the smeg.

Quest Three

Meta have announced that Quest 3 will definitely be happening, and shown off some pics, though not much more than that.
Either way, even if it is as much as $500, it'll still be just 14% the price of the Apple device.


A blast from the past. No, not the Gladiators star, the 8-bit shoot-em-up Operation Wolf is coming back, to VR.
Can you cope with it?
Let us know in the thread!


Habits Die Hard

Jay sits down at his desk, and instinctively reaches for his mouse.
Yes, that's a whole thread.


Assembly Failure

Pakz buys himself a Crosstrainer, but has a bit of a mare trying to put the thing together.
I honestly thought this was going to be about Pakz learning Assembly Language.
Aw well.


Dancing Fruit

I made a really dumb video with dancing fruit, because apparently my head's going a bit bonkers, this week.
It's quite cheery, though.
Can you tell where I got the melody from?
Have you been following the world of Jay?!


This week's game has a big evil volcano, and a little angry crab.



This month's Question of the Day thread has kicked off fairly well.
Join the thread for Tales of woe, Project endings, Karate and more.


The server hasn't experienced any oddities for a couple of weeks, I don't believe, so all is good.
Let me know if anything's broken for you, lately.

Podcast Section

Com Com Capsule

The Comedian's podcast interviewer becomes the interviewee as he's asked to pick his items to put into a Tome Capsule

Prince Thing

The Retrospectors look back at that time when Prince changed his name to an odd symbol.

More Prince

A Coverville special all about Prince.

Bonus Tube

Ring Ring Ring






Greenie's Poetry of the Week

Oh, how I know that feeling so well,
When coding late into the night,
My eyes start to droop and I can tell,
That I'm losing the coding fight.

My fingers falter on the keys,
As I struggle to stay awake,
My head begins to slowly ease,
And my code starts to look like cake.

But what is this? I hear a beep,
My student Dave has messaged me,
"Mr Green, my code's gone bleep,
Can you help me fix it, please?"

I rub my eyes and take a breath,
I must help my student in need,
For even though I'm close to death,
I will teach him how to succeed.

So I type away and fix his code,
And send it back with a smile,
I may have nodded off, I bode,
But I've helped my student all the while.

And now it's time to hit the hay,
My coding dreams will have to wait,
For tomorrow's a brand new day,
And I'll code with a fresh slate.

{ -------------------
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