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Created : 07 December 2017

#346 - Could It Be News

Weekly Newsletter

; Could it be News

#346 - Friday 08th December, 2017

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Every Friday, Poking at Ports


; Hello World

So much going on, right now.
Xmas is fast approaching, the end of the year looms, and everything feels like it's slowly but surely breaking around me!
Thankfully, the new AGameAWeek Framework has reached a nice point. I've finally (Finally!!) managed to get a small bit of web-based interactivity going on between the code and the server.
This will be used for scoreboards, and possibly other future things. But for now, just getting it to say 'NoNum' has been a major milestone!

As well as the framework, I really need to look into the few site fixes that have cropped up, lately, that I haven't yet done, and also need to think about adding extra features to both SoCoder and AGameAWeek.
I think those will have to wait until after New Year, though, even if I have been planning one of the features since about 2 years ago!!
.. And still haven't done it, yet.

Anyhoo, yeah, lots of fiddling to do before Xmas, and I guess that's really not all that far away, so...

Time to pull my finger out!!

(Although I type better with more than one finger, so it's probably best to pull them all out.)


; Flapping Away

Rychan's been making excellent progress in NES Assembly, where he's trying to recreate my Flappadiddle game on the system.
So far, he's got a nice level generator working.
... In assembly!!!

; GLFW3 on Mac

New user jvdw007 is having complications trying to compile Monkey games on MacOS.
Apparently upgrading to Ceberus-X seems to have solved it, but it's making me panic about having to 'fix' my new Framework every bloomin' time Apple decide to change things..
.. Grrr!


; Advent Begins

Xmas is coming, and Advent has begun.
Rockford's grabbed a crazy little calendar full of lovely little xmassy shaped objects.
Some of the designs are really quite nice looking.

Meanwhile, my little Advent Calendar radio is coming together.
A lovely little circuit with a bulb and a speaker!
I've learned all about the Breadboard, and am looking forward to seeing how the tuner might work on the radio itself.

The Advent thread contains these, and other calendars.
Hop on in, and count down the days until we've no more advent calendars!!!


; Festive Balls

Jay posts his usual Xmas Bauble picture.


; California Burns

A dry year, and high temperatures, leads to some devastating fires throughout the US.
YouTuber William Osman tries to stay cheery through a video, showing what's left of his home.

; ---> A Complete And Total Waste of Money <---

Dabz finally gets his hands on a LeapMotion setup, and...
Well, I won't spoil the verdict!!!


; Passwords

Which is better?
Constantly being meithered to change your password for security reasons, or realising you're using the same password that you were using for your Softhome.net email account that you were using when you were still in college, nearly 2 decades ago..?
GfK gets a reminder to change his PSN password

; Security

Meanwhile, Barclays are doing what they can to keep users secure, even if it means telling them to uninstall their anti-virus software!!

; Ch-ch-ch-Changes

Dabz finds that changing his Phone Number is a complicated process.


; Epic Rock

Rock out loud!

View on YouTube

; Mamma Mia!


; 3 Pieces of Paper

What can you do with 3 pieces of paper?
....What can’t you do?

; How to Eat a Pie

After seeing horrific footage of an American trying to decipher a pie, Troy decides to make a video showing them how it's done in Australia.

; The Story of Animal Crossing Mobile

What went right. And what went totally wrong!!

; Video Battle

iPhoneX vs a Red 8K studio camera!

; Video Editor Battle

Once you’ve picked your camera, it's time to choose an editor.
ExplainingComputers picks out some nice free (as in FREE, not demos or watermarked or other crap) video editors.

; Extreme Snowboarding!

Epic 'on the board' footage from an extreme snowboarder!

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

; ALChoon


VGRemix Corner

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