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Created : 22 February 2018
Edited : 22 February 2018

#355 - Grand News

Weekly Newsletter

; Grand News

#355 - Friday 23rd February, 2018

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Every Friday, It’s my birthday!


Oops, I missed a newsletter, last week.

Truth be told, it’s been crazy in the house if Jay this past month or so.
I’ve been trying really hard to stay focussed, but with Mum's ill health, my struggles to help out, and other household events, it’s just been one thing after another.

But life goes on, and we can’t stop the train!
I’m 38, today.
And I feel about 80.

Getting old sucks.
And having friends and family getting older, too, is even worse!

Right. Back to regular action.
Newsletter time!


; Lurkers Unite

jProfitt says hello, and Shroom Monk gives us a wave.
It's all going crazy!!

; How Are You?

The occasional topic of health and happiness

; Shuffling, Shuffling..

Everyday, Spinal's shuffling.

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; Nu-Who Logo

There's a new showrunner on Doctor Who, so apparently that means we need a new logo!
Not quite sure why that's a thing, now, but .. Hey, new logo! Woot!!

; No Smoking

Have you ever had to quit?
How's it go?


; A Case for Pi

Spinal buys a C64 styled case for his R-Pi, but it doesn't end up looking like how he'd like it to look.

Discussions about 3D printed objects continue, and Jay remembers how he'd said, years ago, that he'll probably buy a 3D printer soon..
But never did..
So, Jay buys a 3D Printer.

...It doesn't go well!


; Paying for Pop

A topic about two popular early-2000 JPop groups very rapidly becomes a whingefest about paying over the odds for Import CDs.

; Watch for Days

Spinal manages to get 30 days battery life out of his fitness watch!


The easiest way to get rid of bugs in your game, is to code larger, more varied bugs, which destroy the game so much that there are no more bugs visible to the user.
It's the AAA Gaming way.


; Exterminised

View on YouTube

; Americanised


; Imperialised


; Quantum Leapised


; Bustedised


; Goblinised


; Tableised


; Frustraionalised


; Musical Interlised


; Musical Interlised 2


80s Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 22 February 2018, 04:17
*clarification : It's my birthday tomorrow, as of today, but I've been posting newsletters with Friday dates, even though I'm posting them on Thursdays, so even though it says it's my birthday today, it's not. It's tomorrow. OK!! Good!!
Friday, 23 February 2018, 04:29
But today IS yesterday's tomorrow. Unless you are reading this yesterday or sometime in the future...

My head hurts!