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Created : 14 March 2018
Edited : 14 March 2018

#358 - Runaway News

Weekly Newsletter

; Runaway News

#358 - Friday 16th March, 2018

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; Print?

Hmm.. I haven't 3D Printed anything, this week.
With Mother's Day looming, I spent last weekend working on a Scrabble Scorepad so that me and Mum could have a nice game of Scrabble IRL, but I could tot it up using an app because I'm getting too fucking lazy to bother adding all the scores up in my head anymore.
The app works reasonably well, and over the course of a couple of games, I woked out all the quirks, and things are now quite nice.

It's probably something that would be popular on the AppStore, but I'm wary about putting it up there, and having to use the word 'Scrabble' in the description.
You just know it'd get a C&D after an hour!!!
Bah. I'm not enough of a bastard to make any progress in this world of Indie Dev.

Anyhoo, with all that taking up the majority of the weekend, I didn't get any time to piss about with 3D printing.
I still haven't finished the 'Pixel->Model' converter thing I started a couple of weeks ago.
I'd really love to do a proper Platdude model, but without 'chunkier' blocks, he won't stay solid for long.

Plans are afoot.
... I just need to get that foot out of my arse, and make a move.


; Monkey Takes Flight

A simple but powerful example of what Monkey-2 is capable of, with a neat 3D example with a Monkey in a Plane.

; BASICally Ready

Dabz gets everything hooked up, and his Maximite BASIC computer springs to life!


; WarioWare Returns

Oddly on the 3DS, not the Switch. Hmm.
And it's all old Minigames, too.
I'm not really sure what to make of this.

; Cookery for Coders

'Cooking Without Brackets'

SoLong and Thanks for All the Fish

This week's Celebrity Deaths

Ken Dodd

Stephen Hawking

Jim Bowen


; Noodle Reviews

Jay buys two new noodle flavours, and gives his opinions, because apparently that's something he does quite a lot.

; Retro Podcast

Steve finds a podcast full of retro goodness, and some familiar faces.. / voices.
I keep meaning to listen to this, but haven't done so yet. I find it hard to concentrate on coding whilst listening to spoken-word podcasts.

; How to Sit

Place bottom on seat.
If no seat, levitate bottom over where seat would be.


; Bill and Ted 3 Info

Sarah O'Connell interviews Bill and Ted co-creator, Ed Solomon, and tries to dig out a few morcels of B&T3 news.

; Grampa GifKy 2

Congrats to old-bloke GfK, on the birth of his second Grandkid.


; PhotoPirates

A group of Photography Tutorial creators create a tutorial for pirates.

View on YouTube

The complete tutorial.

; 8bit Telly Mashup


; Flashing

Making a Knight Rider style effect using LEDs, a couple of chips, and a Breadboard.

; TV Project

Matt builds a TV in his wall.

; Wall—;

The Doghouse loses a wall.

; One Million!

Cyriak celebrates reaching 1,000,000 subscribers.

; Planning a Holiday?

Visit Oregon!

; Mac vs Miggy

Which is better?

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



....but then....


TVCover Corner

View on YouTube




And, of course...


.... but then...


VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

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Thursday, 15 March 2018, 13:06
Having sifted through a lot of his back catalogue, I honestly can’t tell if this guy is a parody, or what!!