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Created : 28 June 2018

#372 - Just Can't Get News

Weekly Newsletter

; Just Can't Get News

#372 - Friday 29nd June, 2018

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Every Friday, We'll be long extinct


; Hello World

Oh fuck, it's hot..

Half one in the morning, and I'm sitting here typing the newsletter out, because it's WAY too hot to even attempt to sleep.
It's also too hot to do any serious coding, and my mind's been in a fog all day.

The cat's currently lying on the landing, where it's slightly cooler with the bathroom window being open.
But you just know there's going to be a multitude of moths in there, in the morning!
If Molly was any other cat, she'd be fighting off all the moths!!

Nope, I can't cope well with all this heat.
Wonder how much a house in the North Pole is?


; Flipping Marvelous

Spinal creates code, using a couple of utilities inbetween, that can take a video and render it to a simple chunk of data that can be integrated into sourcecode for a small Pokitto handheld gaming device.

; Computer Programmes

The BBC digs through the archive to bring a multitude of classic 80s Computer-Learning TV shows.
There's everything, from the original The Computer Programme through Micro Live, and way much more beside.
Nearly 150 shows are available to watch on the giant Computer Literacy Archive.
If you have time to spare.. you soon won't have!

; BASIC Doohickey

Krakatomato's organising a BASIC Challenge. Buy a "BASIC Engine" board from him (in Kit form, or as a complete board) and get making the awesomeness!


; Hard Case

Steve links to a video where the ZX Spectrum Next team are showing off the case for the system, and .. Looks alright, I guess.
I mean, once it's all screwed together, I'm sure it'll be sturdy enough, but I can't help but worry that there's going to be an awful lot of empty space in there.
Still, it says it's only v0.1, so.. *shrugs*

; Invisible Walls

Dabz posts a link to a news article, where AI is being trained to see through walls... So Skynet knows exactly where to shoot you.
Oh, joy!


; Printed Drive

Spinal receives the lovely C64 drive that Krakatomato printed for him.

; Spam

Jey receives some spam...
Hurray.. :\

; Chu'y

Meanwhile, Jay eats Pikachu's Brains


; Don't PHPanic!

Dabz is having a hard time dealing with PHP.
Hopefully he can accomplish his task while ($errors!=true) {
die('404 - Bug Not Found');

; Pay Your Oracle

Since Dabz is currently busy procrastinating, he's found an article about Oracle.
Oracle want hardware developers, and people who make Java-Understanding-Devices to pay for the ability to use Java, because of ALL the hard work they've put into making Java.
Thankfully, game developers and people on the usage side, aren't in their sights.
.. For now.


; Space Force

Do a little Spray.

View on YouTube

; Do the Latvian Robot


; Gotta Name 'em All

What’s that Pokemon called?
Time to ask Grandma

; Remix

Epic remix is epic

; What The Duck?

A happy happy duck.

; What the Soup?

A happy song of soup.

; Emoji

If The Emoji Movie was half this entertaining, it'd have been infinitely more entertaining than it was.

; Rant

Seth has a rant.

; Remix

Epic remix is epic


; Autofocus?

Autofocus doesn’t focus on points.

View on YouTube

; Science Takes Years

Scientists create a pair of vortex generators and fire them at each other.
You won’t believe what happens next!!

; Chicken Tikka Masala

The perfect British dish.



And the dirt is gone

View on YouTube

; Superman

The ultimate movie gets an ultimate review.

; Domino Rally

What actually happens when the dominos fall?

; Little and Large

You couldn’t do this on telly, any more.

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube








TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube





Spinal's getting rid of his old Smartwatches.

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